Sicily heat wave Sima doctors highlight risks

Sicily heat wave Sima doctors highlight risks

Sicily heat wave – Sicily is facing an unprecedented heat wave, with temperatures potentially reaching 40 degrees in cities such as Agrigento and Syracuse, and 39 degrees in Catania and Ragusa. This phenomenon represents a significant threat to public health, particularly for the most vulnerable people such as the elderly, children and those suffering from pre-existing conditions.

Experts from the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Sima) have expressed concern about the possible consequences of this sudden increase in temperatures on the human body. According to the president of Sima, Alessandro Miani, excessive heat can cause health problems by altering the body temperature regulation system.

The human body cools itself through sweating, but in particular environmental conditions, this mechanism may not be sufficient. Excessive humidity can prevent sweat from evaporating, causing a rapid rise in body temperature that can damage vital organs and the brain.

Extremely high temperatures can cause a range of ailments, from cramps and fainting to edema. Furthermore, they can cause more serious problems such as congestion and dehydration, worsening the health conditions of people with pre-existing chronic conditions.

In this context, the city of Syracuse is particularly under the spotlight, as it is expected to be one of the areas most affected by the heat wave. Sima experts therefore urge citizens to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from excessive heat.

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