Humanitas Catania, breast experts compared Italpress news agency

Humanitas Catania, breast experts compared Italpress news agency
Humanitas Catania, breast experts compared Italpress news agency

MISTERBIANCO (CATANIA) (ITALPRESS) – Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed in Italy, with a continuously increasing incidence (+3% per year) and with a 10-year survival of 70% in all stages . A tumor, breast cancer, on which the forces of Research and Medicine are concentrated, for increasingly effective and conservative therapies, which look at the quality of life of women at 360° without neglecting the psycho-physical aspects in the recovery process. Humanitas Istituto Clinico Catanese, with its Breast Centre, transforms Catania into the national capital of Senology this year too with the multidisciplinary scientific event entitled Catania4Senology, scheduled from 13 to 15 June at the Hotel Plaza in Viale Ruggero di Lauria 43.
The appointment with discussion, training (the event is ECM accredited), the presentation of innovations in the field of Senology, sees the contribution of experts of international and national level, including the specialists of Humanitas Catania, starting with the representatives scientific. Coordinating the three days and three different sessions are Carlo Carnaghi (head of Medical Oncology), Francesco Caruso (director of the Oncology Department and Breast Centre), Michele Caruso (head of Clinical Research), Gaetano Castiglione (head of General Oncology Surgery and Coordinator of the Breast Centre) , Antonio Rizzo (head of Pathological Anatomy) and Paolo Vigneri (head of University Medical Oncology) of Humanitas Istituto Clinico Catanese. With them also Silvia Deandrea, president of Gisma.
During the first day, dedicated to the pre-operative diagnostic process of breast lesions, the situation will be taken stock of the diagnostic procedures for an adequate pre-operative characterization of breast lesions, for optimal management of resources with a view to continuous improvement of quality. The consensus document drawn up by specialists from 7 different scientific societies will also be presented, with the patronage of the National Screening Observatory, which can act as a reference for the prevention departments and for the regional commissions of the Breast United in defining their own PDTA.
Focus on neoadjuvant therapeutic innovations for breast cancer, with the definition of the best treatment strategies through the critical evaluation of the evidence available on multiple controversial topics, on the second day (Friday 14 June), an objective that over the years has been achieved thanks to the in the field of a multidisciplinary group that can personalize the path of each patient, both in the adjuvant and neo-adjuvant phases.
There are four themes for the third and final session, Saturday 15 June, the one dedicated to Surgery: mastectomy or oncoplastic surgery, clinical studies on the preservation of the axilla, breast reconstruction with prosthesis or autologous reconstruction, alternative localization techniques. During the day there will be lectio magistralis and the possibility for participants to interact with the specialists present.
– photo of the Humanitas Catanese Clinical Institute press office –

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