Alberto makes his decision about Federico’s future!

In the episode of Un Posto al Sole broadcast on Rai3 on 19 June 2024, Alberto will be ready to make a decision about his and Federico’s future. What will he decide to do? Let’s discover together the Previews and the complete Plots of the Soap episode.

The Previews Of A Place in the Sun they reveal to us that in episode aired on June 19, 2024at 8.50pm on Rai3, Clara will live hours of profound anguish. Curcio will anxiously await the Alberto’s decision regarding the fate of their little Federico. Will Niko have managed to make the lawyer see reason or will the desperation that pervaded him have taken over? Palladini he will be ready anyway make a choice and it will be unexpected. Nunzio will decide to give a chance for Diana and to try start a serious relationship with hernow that the woman has been released from the hospital. Scarlett will have to step aside and she will feel more and more excluded from the cook’s life.

Previews Un Posto al Sole: Moments of terror for Clara and her family

Alberto has kidnapped Federico And Niko was forced to intervene to try to make him think. However, it is clear that Palladini is suffering and that his pain went to his head. The idea of ​​losing his son, of no longer being able to be with him and of not even seeing him anymore, because he was involved in the witness protection programme, drove him crazy and led him to extreme choices. Clara will have to wait to find out if Poggi will be able to make him see reason and stop making everyone tremble with fear that he might make other desperate gestures.

A Place in the Sun Previews: Alberto makes a decision

In the episode Of A Place in the Sun of the June 19, 2024, Alberto will make a decision about his future and that of Federico. The Previews do not give us many details on the matter but they reveal to us that his choice will be unexpected. That he chooses to leave her son free and leaves Clara the possibility of abandoning Naples together with him and her new husband, with whom she is expecting a baby girl? Or will she decide to fight again to obtain full custody of the child, preventing her ex-partner from taking him with her on her trip? We’ll find out very soon.

Plots and Previews A Place in the Sun: Nunzio ready for a new life with Diana

Diana is better and it can be discharged from hospital. His rehabilitation will be very difficult and he may not recover his full independence. Next to her it will be there though Nuncio. Cammorata will start take seriously the idea of ​​giving it a chance and to start with her one Serious relationship. This he will force Rossella to one slow retreat but inexorable. Graziani will be heard increasingly excluded from the boy’s life so he has strong feelings. Will Ross find the courage to speak openly with the cook? Will he be able to stop him from starting a love story with someone else?

Let’s find out all the Weekly previews Of Un Posto al Sole from 17 to 21 June 2024.

A Place in the Sun it goes on air every day from Monday to Friday on Rai 3 at 8.50pm.

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