«I took some sick days at work for an urgent operation, my boss’s decision shocked me: I quit»

«I took some sick days at work for an urgent operation, my boss’s decision shocked me: I quit»
«I took some sick days at work for an urgent operation, my boss’s decision shocked me: I quit»

Trust towards your employees should be the basis of every relationship Work, and when this is missing – either for reasons dictated by real episodes, or for prejudices or incorrect beliefs – life in the office can become very tiring. So much so that he chose dismissal rather than continue to suffer behavior bordering on legality.

This is the case of India Ramey, a young singer and lawyer living in the United States, who attracted the attention of her followers on social networks with a shocking revelation regarding an episode she experienced in her previous job. The video, which quickly went viral, generated a wave of outrage online and raised important questions about ethical behavior in the workplace.

The unexpected visit

The episode narrated by India began in an unexpected and dramatic way. During a normal working day, she began to feel unwell and, after an urgent visit to hospital, she was diagnosed with appendicitis. Aware of the need for an imminent operation, she India promptly informed her office of her absence for a few days due to illness. While she was recovering from surgery, India received an unexpected and shocking visit: Her boss showed up in her hospital room unannounced. Far from being interested or concerned about her health, the boss seemed convinced that India was lying about her condition to avoid work: “He came to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t lying,” India said in the published video on TikTok.

Bad faith

India immediately understood her leader’s true intentions. “You tried to show me that your interest in my health was genuine, but I know it wasn’t like that,” explained the young lawyer, highlighting the lack of trust and inappropriate behavior of her superior. A week later, upon her return to the office, she India discovered the truth which led her to make the decision to leave her job permanently. Her colleagues told her that the boss, before going to the hospital, had shared with them the belief that India was lying about her diagnosis: «He had told everyone that he was sure I was lying and for this reason he needed to see the her eyes.”

The reactions

The video sparked an avalanche of reactions on social networks. Among the many comments, that of a Human Resources specialist stands out who underlined the possible illegality of the India boss’s behavior: «What your boss did could have been illegal behavior. No boss should check on their employees in this way, by going to hospitals.”


India Ramey’s testimony highlights a problem that is unfortunately not uncommon in the workplace: the lack of trust and excessive control over employees. This episode has raised an important debate on professional ethics and respect for workers’ privacy, hoping that it can contribute to promoting a healthier and more respectful working environment for everyone.


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