Atalanta, victory in the Europa League a month ago: dream realized or new ambitious path?

School is over and classes have already begun European football championships, but who in Bergamo could forget the championship that just ended? There 2023/2024 season for theAtalanta it was simply fantastic, so much so that a cartoon could be dedicated to it, like the unforgettable ones from the 90s whose theme tunes our parents still hum today, which have often become the melody of the Curva Nord choirs.

The director, or rather, the animator, would certainly be the mister Gian Piero Gasperinia visionary champion who, since his arrival in 2016, has led the Bergamo team from the goal of salvation to the top of the table, to Magic Nights around Europe, a three Italian Cup finals and to the recent, overwhelming and unforgettable victory in Dublin ofEuropa League against Bayer no longer “Neverlusen”. It was the may 22Exactly one month ago.

There has certainly been a leap in quality: Atalanta in recent seasons, under the Percassi presidencyshattered records that had stood since time immemorial, such as the number of goals in a season (98) and entry into Europe, after 26 years, which shook the hearts of the fans who still jealously guard the ticket to the semi-final in the Cup of Cups, for a team playing in Serie B against Malines, at the time of Mondonico and Stromberg.

The protagonists of this story are also and above all the soccer players; many have changed since Gagliardini And Petagnapassing through Papu Gomez And Ilicic, Zapata And Muriethere, arriving at Scamacca, Lookman, Ruggeri, De Ketelaere… but some of them have remained faithful to the Nerazzurri colors and the fans have already immortalized them on banners and flags with the costumes of famous cartoon characters loved by children. Super Mario Pasalic And Marten De Roonour Ufo Robot, have been a stable part of Gasperini’s lineup for years and have made the difference this season too.

But is the Europa League the important goal achieved or the beginning of a new ambitious path? For a fan from Bergamo, still immersed in euphoria and tears of joy, the answer is difficult: follow theAtalanta is a faithan identity, a story of passion for football and for the Nerazzurri colours “always sweaty shirt” that no one will abandon even without victories and without titles. The fans’ love for the Goddess was especially seen on May 31, when the team traveled up an open top bus in the streets of the city to celebrate the historic Europa League victory. Thousands of people were present to celebrate our “superheroes”, who enjoyed singing curve songs cheered by the crowd.

“We will win, we will win, we will win the Tricolor!”says a famous chorus that Bergamo whispers under its breath and perhaps it will not remain alone forever dream of a lifetimewhile in August we fly to Warsaw for the European Super Cup!

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