“Andrea Bocelli died at 64”: the news comes from overseas | Here’s what happened

Andrea Bocelli – Direct Line

The news went around the web and shook the public at home so as to create panic on all social networks. The singer’s life was suddenly overwhelmed by messages of affection from all over the television world. This fact has an unexpected twist.

Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian opera singer who became an international star, is loved by all. The artist is blind due to congenital glaucoma from birth, and which, unfortunately, has worsened over time leading him to total blindness when the tenor had only 12 years.

Andrea Bocelli lives in Marble Fort. He lives in an ultra-luxury villa on three floors, it is made up of ten bedrooms, a recording studio and three pianos, one of which is also in the dining room. The artist bought the stretch of beach overlooked by the building.

The tenor has three children. The first two were born from the marriage with his ex-wife Enricawe are talking about the firstborn Amos and his younger brother Matteo. He later became a father to the little girl for the third time Virginia born with his new wife Veronica Berti.

With his current wife Veronica Berti, Andrew he met for the first time in 2002, thanks to mutual friends, they attended a party and it was love at first sight. The two get married in 2014 with a very armored ceremony in one Livorno church.

The news of the death of Andrea Bocelli

It spread rapidly death news of the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, just earlier this week, causing concern among fans everywhere. Go wild with a post on social media “RIP Andrea Bocelli” attracted nearly a million “Likes”.

Andrea Bocelli Dead – Direct Line

Hundreds of fans they immediately started writing their messages of condolence on the page of Facebook and creating videos on Tik Tok, expressing their displeasure at what happened. Condolences to the family and thousands of comments on the death of the 64 years old singer, composer and musician. However, some have pointed out that the news it had not been reported on any large one Italian magazine.

While some fans are trust me of the message, others quickly declared skepticism on this news, perhaps having learned a lesson from the huge amount of fake death reports that have been surfacing about celebrities in recent months. There Andrea Bocelli death hoax was ultimately disproved as the singer is “alive and well”. The singer’s lawyers have confirmed that Andrea Bocelli he is not deadthus he too joins the long list of celebrities who have been victims of this great hoax.

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