Attack in Prato, 60-year-old beaten for no apparent reason

He would start to hitting a 60 year old man with two sticks for no apparent reason in the Central Station Square of Lawn. The alarm was raised by some passers-by who alerted the police. A State Police car arrived on site and rescued the man, stopping his attacker, a t45 year old irregular unis worker with an order from the Police Commissioner to abandon the territory. The attack occurred around 10.30pm yesterday evening, Monday 17 June 2024.

The attack and the intervention

The State Police has so reported the 45-year-old Tunisian is in a state of freedom, as he is responsible for an assault against a passerby and illegal carrying of objects capable of offending. The officers responded to the report of the presence of a harassing man, stopped by some passers-by.

Following a search, the Tunisian was found holding a utility knife and therefore reported in a state of freedom for carrying an object capable of offending as well as for not having complied with the aforementioned provision of the Police Commissioner. The victim of the attack, who he was unable to give a reason for the attacker’s violent behaviorwas taken to hospital for some tests, which were made necessary following the bruises sufferin particular on the left wrist, visibly injured in the act of defending himself from the beatings.

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