hail causes damage in Turin

L’yellow weather warning for rain and thunderstorms issued by the Department of Civil Protection was confirmed by very strong and violent storm which hit the city of Turin. Damage and flooding not only in the capital, but also in various areas of the Piedmont. The situation.

Hail in Turin: damage and inconvenience in the city with flooding

The city of Turin she was hit by a violent storm accompanied by a very strong one hailstorm. Thus continues the strong wave of bad weather which, for weeks, has been affecting the regions of the North-West with a series of weather warnings and critical issues which have caused damage and inconvenience. A night of very heavy rain at Turin hit by one hailstorm which affected not only the Turin area, but also the Biellese And Novarese. A very violent storm hit the city of Mole Antonelliana with hail and very strong gusts of wind.

Damage and inconvenience in Turin due to the heavy rains with flooding recorded at the Northern Tennis Club due to the violent hailstorm. Data in hand on the city of Turin fell in the space of a few hours: 15mm of rain with the temperature dropped from 26° to 19°. Torrential rains have caused flooding in several areas of the city.

Bad weather in Piedmont, rain and showers in the region

There hailstorm mixed with heavy torrential rain it affected not only the city of Turin, but also the Canavese area, the historical-geographical region of Piedmont extending between the Serra di Ivrea, the Po, the Stura di Lanzo and the Graian Alps. Precisely in this area the bad weather has formed the phenomenon of ShelfCloud, a low-altitude, long, sometimes arched, horizontal cloud and is normally associated with a storm front or a supercell thunderstorm. Here too, data in hand, they fell: 28mm in Candia, 19mm Brandizzo, 18mm in Caselle Torinese.

Damage and inconvenience in a large part of Piedmont. In the municipality of Bussolenolocated in Val di Susa, traffic was interrupted due to the flooding of an underpass near via Battisti.

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