Rugby Experience sells to Benetton – L’Aquila

CALVISANO. The race of the Rugby Experience L’Aquila towards the Under 18 national title stopped one step away from the dream. The “Pata Stadium” in Calvisano saw the L’Aquila team coached by Alessandro Cialone. The title went to Benetton Treviso who won with a score of 28-17. A disappointment for the people of L’Aquila, followed en masse by many supporters, which however must not make us forget the journey undertaken so far. After having always conducted a championship at the highest levels in the regular phase, the L’Aquila team defeated Rovigo in the double semi-final match (17-20 in Veneto and 28-19 in L’Aquila), while Benetton emerged victorious against the Fiamme Oro ( 24-38 in Rome, 37-21 in Treviso).
L’Aquila received many compliments for its return to the great national stage, reaching the goal of the final which certified the great work carried out by the club in the process of rebirth of one of the most important squares in the history of Italian rugby.
On the eve of the match the captain of Rugby Experience L’Aquila Antonio Copersino he declared: «We are happy to have arrived this far, at the end of a long journey in which we have grown as a team and as a group of friends. Whatever the verdict of the pitch, we will come out proud of ourselves and our club.” L’Aquila scored a goal in the first half with Gioia (not converted), then the second goal with Copersino (converted) which brought the score to 12-14 for the Treviso team (with two goals converted), then scored again with the third meta transformed (12-21). In the second half Biondi’s goal was not converted (17-21) and at the end the Venetian one for the final 17-28.

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