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Innovative startups, 3Tress from Viterbo is the protagonist at the Converging Skills in Pisa. Led by the oncologist Fotios Loupakis, it won first prize in the new businesses section of the Start Pitch competition, an international call launched by the University of Pisa and dedicated to start-ups established less than a year ago, active in the ICT sectors and Ai, Deep-Tech, MedTech and Pharma, Green-Tech.

Civita Castellana, Andrea Rofena and Federica Angeletti win the Falisci Trophy


This is a success that started from a complex question: “How to avoid muscle weakness in cancer patients and the elderly?”, and obtained through an equally complex answer, which 3Tress arrived at after years of study, thanks to a detailed examination of the scientific literature, and with the support of many experimental data. The result, which then convinced the judges to reward Loupakis’ group, was the production of a supplement capable of intervening on the patient’s hormonal structure and thus protecting it from decay.


The product, called Thitavita, is a well-studied mixture of nutrients: it was submitted to a patent application at the beginning of the year, approval by the Ministry of Health on the food lists is expected next July special medical purposes, and will be on the market in October. «We started with over thirty projects, and we arrived at a shortlist of eleven finalists. We have heard innovative, curious, intelligent proposals – commented Corrado Priami, vice-rector for the valorization of knowledge and its impact at the University of Pisa – in a note. Eleven inventions ranging from environmental robotics to business services. Choosing wasn’t easy. But the two selected proposals (the tender included another section dedicated to the best project, the victory went to Unicorn from Bari for an AI-based diagnostic system capable of identifying hepatic steatosis in advance) convinced us more than the others and now we are happy to follow its growth.”

The direct effect of the award, in fact, will be a loan of seven thousand euros in services provided by Start Attractor, the attractor of skills and capital of the University of Pisa (launched in recent days with the joint signature of the University and the first two partners are joined to the project: Ferrero and Sofidel), created to support young companies and open innovation projects and to facilitate the meeting between research and industry.

Loupakis, sole director of the company, now expresses satisfaction: «Occasions like those of the Start Pitch competition – he says – have a triple value: networking which allows you to enter into direct connection with other emerging realities and evaluate appropriate synergies, the visibility that in a initial phase is an important aspect for an emerging company looking for partnerships and additional financiers, the prize itself which by providing accompanying services to company growth constitutes a unique opportunity”.



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