«The fight between the two factions is reignited, increasingly ambiguous and unscrupulous»

«The fight between the two factions is reignited, increasingly ambiguous and unscrupulous»
«The fight between the two factions is reignited, increasingly ambiguous and unscrupulous»

The arsenal of “House of the Dragon 2” (from 17 June on Sky Atlantic and on Sky) is enriched with 5 dragons and various humans. The prequel to “Game of Thrones”, set 200 years before the events of John Snow and co. promises the same amount of spectacular and bloody events at the same time.

In Milan on June 16, for example, the Sforzesco Castle will be adored by the banners of the two factions. «It will be bigger and more surprising», says former Doctor Who Matt Smith (Daemon), one of the key characters in this eight-episode war to sit on the famous Throne. The Green Council and the Black Council dispute it and have no qualms about violence and ruthlessness. Ambiguity continues to be the worst weapon, as Olivia Cooke (interpreter of Alicent) underlines: «However, I don’t consider my character as a super villain. Maybe at some point he becomes one and learns the art of manipulation. We left her innocent in the first season to find her aware of his power.”

The book of the same name from which the series is based, written by George RR Martin, focused on the Targaryen dynasty and tells of their internal war for victory, called Dance of Dragons. A somewhat ironic name, if you think about how many characters would stick a knife into their opponents’ ranks. Take for example Rhaenyra, the gender fluid princess from George RR Martin’s world, played by Emma Darcy: «I’m a shy person and I didn’t expect the grandeur of it all. Of course, I’ve seen the parent company’s episodes, but here the same character is divided by age and played by multiple actors. I have always been attracted to a character who does not know himself and takes a journey towards freedom.”

Creator Ryan J. Condal summarizes all the points of view of the gigantic cast «which gives the proportions of the series. After this work I might even retire. I started with Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) and have been fortunate to be involved in television stories that have a gigantic horizon, but in which the writer isn’t participating as much. In the meantime he is writing other stories of this universe like a madman.” This is one of those TV sagas in which if you dare to give a spoiler or reveal a detail you can spark a revolt on social media, which is why during the meeting with the international press everyone is very careful to measure their words. Olivia simply says: «When they ask me about the episodes I try to skirt around it, but at a certain point we were bleeding green. In short, we understand that we couldn’t remain serious.” The chemistry of the cast is evident. Timing isn’t just about aboard a dragon. On the contrary.

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