Bicocca Pavilion: meeting between university and business

The Bicocca Pavilion is a multifunctional space that will connect the excellences ofUniversity of Milan-Bicocca with the business world.

Created by the University together with Bim – Bicocca Meets Milanthe large urban regeneration project in the heart of Bicocca, Bicocca Pavilion promotes an ecosystem of innovation, based on collaboration between public and private and aimed at developing ideas, projects, start-ups and new businesses that can have a positive impact on society.


In particular, thanks to the strategic support of Cariplo Factory, a unique structure of its kind has been designed capable of bringing together the best skills in both the social sciences and deep tech fields. This distinctive feature will allow the development of projects “responsible innovation” which will originate from the connection between the business world – starting from those in BiM and in the Bicocca district -, the university world and civil society actors who will be involved through specific activities that will take place in the Pavilion Agora.

The building will open in early 2025.

Bicocca University Milan | View from the side

Bicocca Pavilion: the Venture Building method

Open innovation projects and the creation of new businesses with high growth potential will be developed within Bicocca Pavilion through the venture building methodology, an area in which Cariplo Factory has gained consolidated experience in recent years thanks also to the partnership with most qualified European players. Starting from the recognition and identification of a market need, the different types of subjects involved in the Bicocca Pavilion ecosystem will have the possibility of creating a start-up from scratch to launch on the market, activating and valorising in a privileged way the unique assets of the ‘University of Milan-Bicocca such as the skills in the field of applied and translational research, the patent portfolio, the instrumentation, the laboratories and the access to the community of talents (students, researchers, data analysts, etc.) that compose it.

Venture building is a methodology that allows the creation and growth of innovative businesses with a success rate significantly higher than that of traditional mechanisms. Unlike traditional processes, where startups are born from the original idea of ​​the founders who then try to obtain feedback from the market, in venture building we start from a methodological and accurate analysis of the market and its trends. The business model is then set up, the most suitable team is built and finally the capital is raised. A less visionary but concrete and analytical approach that considerably increases the chances of success.

Bicocca Pavilion

The players of the project

The building will rise inside the new green square of BiM – where Bicocca Meets Milan, the large urban regeneration project in the heart of Bicoccapromoted by Aermont Capital, a pan-European asset management company with a focus on real estate, and Kervis Sgr, a company dedicated to the management of funds reserved for international institutional investors of primary standing, together with Mtdm – Manifattura Tabacchi Development Management as project manager and placemaking.

Huawei Technologies Italia srl, Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Thales Alenia Space, Viatris, Tmc Italia spa (The Member Company), Dll and Sertori have expressed their interest in the project.

Bicocca Pavilion was presented at BiM, in viale dell’Innovazione 3, in the presence of Guido GuidesiCouncilor for Economic Development of the Lombardy Region, Tommaso SacchiCouncilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan, Giovanna IannantuoniRector of the University of Milan-Bicocca and President of Musa – Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action, Salvatore TorrisiVice-Rector of the University of Milan-Bicocca, Giovanni ManfrediManaging Director Aermont Capital, Giancarlo PatriHead of Fund and Asset Management at Kervis SGR e Riccardo PorroChief Operating Officer of Cariplo Factory.

Presentation of the Bicocca Pavilion

Bicocca Pavilion: the project

Designed by the Milanese architecture studio Piuarch as part of the redevelopment project of the BiM complex, the Bicocca Pavilion, developed on two floors above ground and one underground, is a multifunctional space with a distinctive and changeable design located in the heart of the large central square.

In contrast to the rigorous and geometric lines of Vittorio Gregotti’s buildings, the Bicocca Pavilion presents a free shape, almost circular, which reflects the multiplicity of functions housed within it.

There white structure, extremely light, punctuated by the presence of vertical perimeter elements, inclined and staggered from each other to create an impression of movement, it refers to the fluid presence of the trees in the garden. The facade alternates opaque aluminum elements, which reflect the green context, and transparent windows, which allow natural light to enter the spaces almost without obstacles, breaking the division between inside and outside. Through its welcoming, open and inclusive architecture, the Pavilion promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge, meeting, relating

Bicoacca Pavilion

action and collaboration between people, becoming a driver of innovation and research.

The Bicocca Pavilion was designed to host an evolved ecosystem of businesses and professionals, encouraging dialogue and synergies through a flexible and functional architecturewhich meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability and technology.

Spread over an area of ​​800 square metres, the building is on two levels.

  1. The first floor, aimed at the development of business, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, will host flexible offices, meeting rooms and common areas for companies, research institutes, start-ups, universities and university spin-offs. Access to these spaces will be possible through a membership which will include dedicated services, aimed at encouraging networking between different realities and the realization of innovative ideas.
  2. The ground floor, open to the public, is intended to host social impact initiatives on innovation and technology. A flexible space that hosts a café, an arena for meetings and talks, public events, study and work spaces and a cycle workshop.

Members will also have access to an auditorium, a gym and a bicycle storage room with modern end-of-trip facilities (lockers, dedicated showers and bathrooms).

Bicocca Pavilion. Interior

The goal is to encourage the creation of a broad and inclusive community made up of students, researchers, visitors, professionals, artists, creatives, promoting the exchange between different talents and points of view to achieve the development of events, projects and businesses of value in social, cultural and economic terms.

The physical boundaries of the Bicocca Pavilion also expand thanks to the creation of a digital platform that shares with the ecosystem all the initiatives and projects that arise within the building: a virtual meeting place in which the dialogue continues and expands, involving an even wider range of users.

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