Explosion in a factory in Bolzano: 8 injured (5 seriously)

BOLZANO It is a total of eight the number of workers involved in an accident at the Aluminum plant in Bolzano, where aluminum has been produced since 1936. The Pelikan, Aiut Alpin Dolomites and Trentino Emergenza rescue helicopters took to the skies at night to bring five injured people to major burn centres. Two workers were taken to Verona, one to Padua, one to Milan and another to Murnau in Bavaria. The people with less serious injuries are in Bolzano. The accident occurred at 0.30 am in production department of the steel plant of Aluminum in via Toni Ebner in the industrial area of ​​Bolzano. The men of the permanent fire brigade of Bolzano and the voluntary ones of Bolzano and Aslago-Oltrisarco intervened on site, as well as numerous ambulances of the White Cross and Red Cross and personnel of the Police Headquarters. The fire, which broke out after the explosion, was put out in a short time and the intervention is now complete. The exact dynamics are not yet clear and will probably only be clarified during the investigation launched by the Bolzano Prosecutor’s Office. The ovens, we learn, are quite recent. A decisive contribution to reconstructing what happened should come from surveillance cameras.
“THE two burn patients from Bolzano they are now hospitalized in a reserved prognosis in intensive care to stabilize the general clinical conditions, which immediately appeared critical. It will take a few days to re-establish the clinical picture and then proceed with the subsequent medications. The treatments will be long because the patients, two men of foreign origins, arrived with widespread burns: one covering 47% of the body and the other 30%.” This is the statement fromIntegrated University Hospital of Verona on the two workers admitted to the burns center.
«For both – continues the bulletin – the wounds concern the face and chest, while one is also burned on the upper limbs and the other on the lower ones. Upon their arrival tonight, they were immediately subjected to the treatment performed at the Borgo Trento hospital in Verona by the Burns Center, directed by Dr. Maurizio Governa, head of the Plastic Surgery Operational Unit, which is a center of excellence in Italy in the use of a special innovative drug for enzymatic debridement”.
«It is the application on the lesion of a special gel of proteolytic enzymes which help in the removal of the necrotic tissue caused by the burn, even in very large areas of the body. The removal from the skin of devitalized, sero-crusted or infected tissues, but also of pus, hematomas, foreign bodies or debris no longer occurs surgically, thus avoiding bleeding and longer hospital stays. The patient is placed in a special tub for cleansing and subsequent treatment with the biotechnological medicine. The treatment on both patients continued from tonight until this morning at 12″, concludes the note.

Strike in Alto Adige on 24 June

Fim, Fiom and Uilm have proclaimed one for Monday 24 June 8 hour strike at Aluminium and of 4 hours for the entire metalworking sector in South Tyrol. The protest will cover the last 4 hours of each shift. From 10am today, however, a protest is planned in front of the plant.
«Safety at work must be placed first among the priorities to be pursued. Companies must guarantee the health and lives of workers. It is not acceptable for our country to continue a tragic streak of serious and deadly accidents without anything changing.” Thus, in a joint note, the unions add: “It is no longer acceptable to risk your life to work.”

Kompatscher: «A very serious accident»

«This is a very serious accident. We are working in close contact with the Prefecture, the investigative bodies and the Civil Protection and Health to better understand the causes of this accident. We will obviously provide all the information as soon as there is greater clarity on what happened.” The South Tyrolean governor Arno Kompatscher told ANSA.

The reactions

Deeply affected by the serious accident that occurred last night at the Aluminum plant in Bolzano, the bishop Ivo Muser which expresses closeness to the injured workers and their families and invites the community to a moment of prayer.
«With prayer – writes Bishop Ivo Muser – I am close to the seriously injured steel factory workers and their families, colleagues in the workplace and the company who are experiencing this drama. I invite the community to unite in prayer for them and for those who, unfortunately every day, are involved in accidents at work.”
Muser continues by recalling that «we want to combine prayer with the commitment of everyone, in their respective roles and with their respective skills, to ensure that safety is always a priority in our working realities. A commitment aimed at guaranteeing mutual attention and vigilance that can help those who work to maintain their safety.”
«I express on behalf of the entire political community of Fratelli D’Italia of Trentino Alto Adige my deepest sympathy to the victims of the dramatic accident at work at the Aluminum plant in Bolzano. A dramatic balance that does not leave us indifferent and reminds us that attention to the world of work and its safety must be placed among our priorities every day.” Instead, the deputy states Alessandro Urzì, regional coordinator of Fratelli D’Italia of Trentino Alto Adige.
«The investigations will identify causes and possible responsibilities, and at this moment it is necessary to testify that the event can only lead to strengthening the necessary safeguards to protect workers, in every field. The industrial center in southern Bolzano is a district of excellence at a national level, and must continue to carry out its function of economic driving force and opportunities for the local job market. But this is the further reason why it will be necessary to understand what may have happened and what additional tools to make available to those who leave home every day to contribute to the well-being of their family and have the right to return in the evening”, concludes Urzì.
«In the last week, Italy has been plagued by deaths and injuries in the workplace. From the tragedy that occurred in Latina, where Satnam Singh, a laborer of Indian origins abandoned without any help after being mutilated by a machine, died; to eighteen-year-old Pierpaolo Bodini, who died in the Lodi area, crushed by an agricultural vehicle; and again, in Brianza a Moroccan worker died due to crushing injuries suffered in the company where he worked.” As the senator of the Democratic Party Susanna Camusso.
«A long dramatic list – he continues – which we hope to be able to put an end to with the serious news this morning of the eight workers involved in the explosion that occurred in the factory in Bolzano, to whom, while awaiting updates on their health conditions, I would like send our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. They are not different episodes at all: they are all tragic events resulting from a system of gangmastering, exploitation, illegal work, attention to profit alone to the detriment of workers’ rights.”
«It’s a shocking budget. Giorgia Meloni where are you? The country needs more inspectors, more controls and the real will to apply the rules. Substantial investments are needed in innovative and higher-performing security tools. The continuous promises, the tables at the ministries and the press releases on days of mourning are of no use if the Government does not find the courage to translate them into concrete facts that protect the lives and dignity of workers”, concludes the senator. (Handle)

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