«Deliver us from evil», five thousand Lazio fans in the square against Lotito (Il Messaggero)

«Deliver us from evil», five thousand Lazio fans in the square against Lotito (Il Messaggero)
«Deliver us from evil», five thousand Lazio fans in the square against Lotito (Il Messaggero)

There had never been a protest with so many people. «He’s not against Baroni». Lotito: «I don’t care, it’s always the same people who challenge me»

As Roma 01/10/2024 – Italian Cup / Lazio-Roma / photo Antonello Sammarco/Image Sport in the photo: Claudio Lotito

«Deliver us from evil», five thousand Lazio fans in the square against Lotito (Il Messaggero).

Here is what the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero writes about the demonstration that took place yesterday at the Flaminio against the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito.

From «Lotito frees Lazio» to «Thief of dreams». From «Deliver us from evil» to «The merchant out of Lazio». From «SS Lazio everyone’s heritage, enough speculation» up to the request for his son Enrico: «Talk to your father: free us». And again: «Neither before, nor now, nor ever will you be my president» and then «Nothing against Baroni, everything against Lotito». Finally also a historical reference: «Rome has seen the fall of emperors, popes and kings. More tyrants will fall. It’s just a matter of time”.

Never seen such a large protest

There was little doubt that the atmosphere was incandescent after the latest developments at Lazio, but yesterday the Biancoceleste fans once again made themselves heard in a way that hadn’t happened for some time. The last time was in February 2022, halfway through Sarri’s first season so to speak, but with a completely different scope. The supporters who showed up yesterday outside the Curva Nord of the Flaminio stadium were many, no longer the hundreds of over two years ago, but more than five thousand. Something never seen during the Lotito era: thousands of voices united to peacefully demonstrate their dissent towards the management.

“The demonstration is not against the new coach, Marco Baroni, who doesn’t even know where the supermarket is next to his future home.” Four intense hours of protest which, however, in the evening did not change Lotito’s thoughts: “I don’t care, anyway it’s always the same people who protest me.” There was no doubt.

Lazio, the Curva Nord: “We don’t accept this mediocre management, Lazio is hostage to Lotito”

The Curva Nord of Lazio against Lotito. The Biancocelesti fans did not like the president’s management of the club. First Tudor’s resignation, then the practically certain arrival of Baroni. The Curva Nord doesn’t agree and joins the tide of protests that fans are directing against their teams in this period.

Here’s what we read in the press release:

We have reached the culmination of this little theater! Lazio fans, for love and only for love of it, do not accept a downsizing of any kind! In a football where all clubs take responsibility and aim for 360-degree growth, our Lazio finds itself hostage to a management aimed solely at fulfilling the personal interests of Claudio Lotito.

We do not accept this mediocre management and, as defenders of Our Lazio, we have the duty to take a stand, we, like all the fans tired of this dictatorship, have the duty to attend and peacefully demonstrate all our dissent.

You will all finally have the opportunity to give substance to the thousands and thousands of criticisms that have filled social media in this period, you will all have the opportunity to demonstrate dissent with your presence towards this provincial management that none of us deserves, that the city does not deserve .

Get ready to give life to the largest demonstration of dissent ever to take place in the Roman sporting environment. Don’t make any plans for next weekend…“.

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