“Camped in tents inside unhealthy and torrid garages”

The controversies continue in view of the G7 which will take place between 13th and 15th June in Borgo Egnazia, in the province of Brindisi. After those of the Police, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza unions, now also comes the protest of the firefighters, who place emphasis on the same theme: the precarious conditions of the accommodation made available to them for the entire duration of the emergency services order on the occasion of the international event.

The fire brigade’s report

The cry of alarm comes from the Autonomous Fire Brigade Union (Conapo): “The personnel have not only been equipped with insufficient and inadequate means, but are also forced to operate with reduced ranks”. As with the Mykonos Magic, the “dilapidated” ship, the firefighters also complain about the conditions of the areas in which they will have to spend the night: “The personnel camped in tents set up inside unhealthy and torrid garages of the Brindisi fire brigade command readapted for use and inside the warehouses of the Bari fair. It is improvisation, as if an unexpected calamity had broken out while we are faced with an event that had to be planned for some time”.

The situation was denounced by Gianni Cacciatore, Apulian regional secretary of Conapo, who sent a note directly to Prime Minister Meloni and Minister Piantedosi: “It is an intolerable and disrespectful treatment”. Along the same lines are the thoughts of Marco Piergallini, general secretary of Conapo: “Enough improvisation, I invite Prime Minister Meloni to go and see the camps of her firefighters in person. Minister Piantedosi should intervene”.

The other protests

In recent hours, however, problems had been reported regarding the cruise ship that should welcome the police in the port of Brindisi. The unions speak of “critical issues”, “inhumane” health conditions and “dilapidated” structures. The Prefecture has taken steps to search for alternative accommodation. The Silp-Cgil union speaks of “dirty rooms and dirty bathrooms, dilapidated furniture, and a temperature of 40 degrees due to the absence of air conditioning” on board the ship, after an inspection of the ship anchored in the port of Brindisi and reserved for the forces of police. Inconveniences that are added to the fact that, writes the union, the overtime hours that will be worked on the occasion of the G7 “will not be paid for a year and a half, if not even two”.

“Exhausting shifts, that’s enough”

While the G7 accommodations are controversial, firefighters are also protesting their working conditions. A topic raised by Mauro Giulianella, National Coordinator of Fp cgil VVF: “In Italy the working conditions of the Fire Brigade are dramatic. Understaffed for too many years now, forced to work exhausting shifts especially in the summer period with recalls and returns in overtime, without INAIL insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases, dealing with a government that hides the truth and is only capable of propaganda for the workforce of the Fire Brigade in 2030, considering the retirements of the next few years. will have such a shortage that there will be a real risk of not covering the entire territory, if anything only the metropolitan cities. These are some of the issues that we will put at the center of today’s meeting with the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi of increasingly extreme atmospheric phenomena with heat in the south and severe bad weather in the north, the G7 around the corner, the start of the forest firefighting campaign, the services of the rural and aquatic garrisons, two training courses still in the start-up phase for around 1280 aspirants to the qualification of team leader between generalists and specialists: a sum of circumstances that highlights the Administration’s inability to organize and plan the activities related to the rescue. To complete the picture, urgent daily technical assistance must be guaranteed. A situation which, we are convinced, would also exhaust bionic man.”

“To this state of unease – added Giulianella – we add the expired contract, a professional system that is leaking from all sides and an Administration that does not respect correct trade union relations, placing the responsibilities of the rescue, in a disrespectful manner, on the large availability of the Corps staff who, by mindset, lends itself on every occasion and for the good of the citizens demonstrating great professionalism. The Fire Brigade is working with 4000 operational and 2500 administrative personnel (RTP) less than necessary sometimes unacceptable work. The fallback to overtime is now ordinary. Some would say that we are truly at a loss for years, despite the women and men who work. in the area they enjoy undignified treatment: for this reason we will monitor and if necessary we will call the staff to support the fight initiatives”.

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