Victory. Santa Rita, balance of the 2024 edition

Victory. Santa Rita, balance of the 2024 edition
Victory. Santa Rita, balance of the 2024 edition

The press conference called by the Santa Rita-Vittoria Cultural Association took place yesterday afternoon to take stock of the 2024 edition and announce some important news. Among these, the twinning between the historical parade of Vittoria and that of Cascia.

The conference began with the greeting and words of Father Salvo Mallemi, parish priest of the San Biagio-Santa Rita church who said he was “happy with the initiatives carried out by the Association”. Regarding the Sacred Representation entitled “A rose among thorns” he then underlined: “from a religious point of view, a beautiful opportunity was created to learn about the life of the Saint and it was possible to convey the message to the many people present of reconciliation, peace and forgiveness brought forward by Santa Rita”. “The text is beautiful, pregnant. The message reached the hearts of those present through the tools of art. We also experienced a very strong catechetical moment, like those experienced in other moments thanks to the presence of the Relic”.

“As I anticipated in the previous conference – added director Andrea Traina – we have created a completely new, unprecedented operation. For us it was a leap of faith, but we achieved what I hoped for: emotionally conquering the public. We recorded an emotional participation and for this I can only thank the entire cast. Naturally, there is a margin for improvement on which we will work both from a technical and artistic point of view. Unlike what happens in Vittoria’s Sacred Drama, whose characters are now known to all, here we have told a little-known story with characters, which revolve around the life of the Saint, unknown to most. Despite everything, we managed to enter the hearts of the spectators.”

“One month after the end of the celebrations – added President Giuseppe Cassarino – we are here to take stock and make some important announcements. There will certainly be changes to the Historical Parade, which this year has reached its third edition. As regards the Sacred Representation, however, we confirm the direction of Andrea Traina who has taken care of and will also take care of the text. We then announce an important and prestigious collaboration with Cascia: next month we will sign the Vittoria-Cascia twinning which concerns the Historical Parade. Furthermore, we are also working on signing a twinning in relation to the Sacred Representation, which could therefore be staged directly in the city of the Saint of the Impossibles”.

“As president – he added – I thank the Sicilian Region, which this year granted us patronage for both initiatives (Historical Procession and Sacred Representation), the Municipal Administration of Vittoria, the sponsors and the people who contributed to the realization of the events, as well as the friends who believed in the project. On behalf of the association I promise you that there will be big news in 2025.”

Also present at the conference were part of the cast of the Sacred Representation, the secretary Daniela La Lota and one of the partners, Filippo Cavallo.

“We thank President Cassarino – said La Lota – for his commitment in guiding the organization of the entire project. His tireless work and leadership are fundamental to the growth of the association. Thanks also to Don Salvatore Mallemi for the trust placed in us. We are already working on the next edition.”

“The cast of the Sacred Representation – added Cavallo – was amazing. We saw them step into the role and they brought to the stage what Santa Rita represents: non-violence, friendship, humility. We are certain that the twinning will serve to improve us.”

The actor Piero Gurrieri, who played the traveler, underlined how it was an honor for the entire cast to have participated in the project: “one day – he said – we could say we were there when all this was born”.

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