Sanremo: inauguration of ‘Rebirth – Resurrection’ exhibition at Miramare the Palace –

Sanremo: inauguration of ‘Rebirth – Resurrection’ exhibition at Miramare the Palace –
Sanremo: inauguration of ‘Rebirth – Resurrection’ exhibition at Miramare the Palace –

Friday 28 June 2024 starting from 4.30 pm, in the prestigious Liberty setting of the Miramare the Palace of Sanremothe opening of the exhibition will be held Rebirth – Resurrection.

“Nature in the days of the solstice comes back to life, intoxicated with divinity, materializes in harvests that inspire universal brotherhood. The atavistic force that characterizes the solstitial fire of rebirth this year too, emerges from the artistic path of Italo Corradoembellished with some pieces on display by other contemporaries, Marika Laganà, Menchaca, Diego Papagna, Elena Rede: an applause to the divine light that allows us to communicate with the universe.

In Corrado’s creations, the impulse towards the infinite is exalted in the nuances including the light blue which recalls the sky and the sea, degrading towards more delicate or more decisive shades, in which the brilliant gold often dominates the canvas. The creativity of this artist recharges the user with its colors that vibrate in unison with the cosmos and inspire Rebirth – Resurrection.

The sublime pure white location in Art Nouveau style, built in 1870, has hosted many works of art over the centuries and continues the tradition with series of clear spiritual inspiration by Italo Corrado: Divine Reflection, The Auroras, The Abyss of Light and an Animals Macaque with some specimens from Oltre Confine.

The exhibition takes advantage of the partnership with theCultural Association of the Friends of Sempiterne chaired by Simona Fontana Contini (@le_sempiterne) which firmly believes in the rebirth of every individual (having been born in the pandemic period) and also offers Luxury events in tune with the Grand Tours of yesteryear that connected Lake Maggiore, Lugano and Milan to the Riviera, Sanremo, Montecarlo in the past centuries . Every year the rooms of the magnificent Art Nouveau palace which is the Miramare The Palace host a tribute to contemporary art. The General Manager Roberto Picenawith the Director Alessandro MaterazziL’Administration Manager Valeria Montaldo and the Marketing Manager Laura Schiavo collaborate on this prestigious event.

Italo Corrado attended theBrera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, he is Deputy Director of Lombardy Lakes Festivalhas exhibited in important venues including the Prada Foundation of Milan and Palazzo Verbania on the Italian-Swiss border, he exhibited in Lugano, and has collections in Dubai and China”.


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