Scifoni at the end! Tor Tre Teste beats Lodigiani and flies to the semifinals

Scifoni at the end! Tor Tre Teste beats Lodigiani and flies to the semifinals
Scifoni at the end! Tor Tre Teste beats Lodigiani and flies to the semifinals

LODIGIANI Amati 6, Mereu 6 (14’st Calzati 6), Basta 6 (7’st Ferrante Cavallaro 6), Cicerchia 6, Cristinziano 6.5 (35’st Cinenzi sv), Iadicicco 6, Hudisteanu 5.5 (14’st Puricelli 6), Tedeschi 6.5 (25’st 6), Serapiglia 7, Timperi 7, Arduini 6 (31’st Giannini 6.5) BENCH Peretti TRAINER Stamenga

THREE HEADED TOR Tonelli 7, Forlini 6, Ghirotto 7 (25’st Sciacqua 6), Sera 6, Bronzini 6.5, Fiorino 5.5 (1’st Meluzio 6), Vari 6 (7’st Istvan 6), Metaj 6.5(33’st Khmurovskiy) , Scifoni 7, Ilari 6.5 (40’st De Carli sv), Ortigoza 6 BENCH Gangal TRAINER Contaldo

MARKERS Forlini 11’pt (T), Tedeschi 44’pt (L), Ghirotto 7’st (T), Serapiglia 20’st (L), Scifoni 44’st (T)

REFEREE Tozzi of Rome 2

NOTE Timperi, Ghirotto, Ortigoza Booked Off Corners 4 – 6 Offside 0 – 2 Rec ,1’pt-2’st

Tor Tre Teste will face Grifone, winning 2-3 at the end against an excellent Lodigiani. The match immediately presents itself with a high degree of intensity characterized by a lot of quality, both on one side and on the other. In the long run, Contaldo’s boys take control of the game, also helped by Forlini’s goal in the 11th minute. Served by a great pass, the number 2 is good and lucky in finding a trajectory to overtake Amati. The following minutes are dominated by the rossoblù boys who close down their opponents in their own area, coming close to equalizing several times. Especially with Vari, stopped only by the post. Lodigiani, however, is not discouraged and shows her abilities whenever she can. Among the most dangerous is the usual Timperi who, launched at the net, tries to mock Tonelli, fully capturing his figure. At the end of the first half, however, the red and whites saw their stubbornness rewarded. Timperi once again leads the charge with a non-irresistible free kick which the rossoblù goalkeeper so-so rejects. On the tap-in Tedeschi turns out to be quicker than everyone and makes it 1-1. At the beginning of the shot it is always Ilari who turns on the light. His cross in the 7th minute finds Ghirotto at the opposite post who volleys a diagonal shot towards the top corner. Tor Tre Teste is once again in the lead and begins a period of management in which no major dangers appear to pass. Timperi, however, has not yet turned off the engine. It is again the number 10 who earns a corner from which the cross originates (put in by the number 10 himself) for Serapiglia’s header to frame which is worth the 2-2. With time almost up, Tor Tre Teste gets out of trouble with one of the best cards: physicality. Lodigiani fails to clear a ball put into the area by the attacking midfield. Scifoni solved everything by scoring the final 2-3 goal. Worth highlighting is Tonelli’s goal-saving intervention on Giannini at the end. The pass is off, on Saturday we will have to fight for the final.

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