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He attacks a disabled elderly man in the square and avoids the lynching only thanks to the intervention of the police. It happened in the early afternoon yesterday, Monday 17 June, in the neighbourhood Milan barrier to Turin. A drunk man stole the elderly man’s walker and used it to beat him. Then he tried to escape but was stopped by some officers, who thus also saved him from being lynched by those who had witnessed the scene.

Second Verangela Marino, of Fratelli d’Italia, the attacker had already tried last week, together with a woman, to attack the same elderly man to steal five euros from him. Also about him, in a post on Facebook, he wrote that he was “of North African origin and in a total state of madness as his blood alcohol level was at very high levels”. After being alerted by those present, the emergency services intervened on the scene and loaded the victim into an ambulance, transporting him to the Giovanni Bosco hospital. He appears to have suffered a fracture of the nasal septum.

Immediately after the attack, some witnesses they chased the man. But the lynching was foiled, as reported TorinoToday, by the agents of the Barriera police station in Milan, who removed the attacker, taking him away from the angry crowd that was forming. It is not yet clear, however, whether the man has been arrested or not.

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