Prato, the investigation into the police commander. In the cellar wines worth 31 thousand euros

Prato, the investigation into the police commander. In the cellar wines worth 31 thousand euros
Prato, the investigation into the police commander. In the cellar wines worth 31 thousand euros

Prato, 17 June 2024 – Pressures to favor friends and 500 bottles of fine wine including a magnum of Sassicaia. New details emerge from the investigation involving the commander of the Carabinieri company Lawn, Sergio Turini, now under house arrest on charges of corruption and abusive access to the police database. According to the prosecutors of the DDA, Lorenzo Gestri and Lorenzo Boscagli, commander Turini provided information to the entrepreneur Riccardo Matteini Bresci and to the private investigator Roberto Moretti – both under investigation – with the aim of expanding his network of influences, in exchange for gifts and favors. But not only.

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The wiretaps would reveal – as Repubblica reported in Sunday’s edition – alleged pressure and veiled threats made by Turini on behalf of Matteini about the owners of some shacks “too close” to his company, with whom a dispute had arisen. The soldier would have presented himself “in friendship” to the owner family, suggesting that if an amicable agreement had not been found for the sale of the barracks to Matteini, the owners – who were interviewed by the investigators – would have risked seeing them demolished without obtaining anything , for alleged irregularities. And in the file opened on the three suspects there is also a consultancy from a wine expert, called to evaluate the value of the cellar of Colonel Turini, discovered during the investigations to be wandering among the Chianti companies (he had been head of the Poggibonsi company until 2021 ) to collect gifts: over 500 bottles were examined.

Among these there are some for connoisseurs and very expensive, such as a Tignanello for 450 euros, two Le Pergole Monteverdine cakes for 700 euros and also a magnum of Sassicaia from 2003 worth 750 euros. The total estimate of the “cellar” indicated by the consultant would amount to approximately 31 thousand euros.

One side, that of the rich gifts that the soldier would have received over the years, on which investigations are still underway. The investigating judge himself, in the precautionary measure, had in fact highlighted the ease with which Turini looked for gifts, so much so that he spoke of an authentic “collection of gifts”. In the meantime, other details emerge about the relationships between the suspects. Under the scrutiny of the investigators, among other lines of investigation, is that of Roberto Moretti’s detective agency, to which the commander of the Prato company allegedly passed confidential information and also reported possible clients. A note from the ROS has been filed in the file which sheds light on this aspect and which concerns the case of a man who was apparently invited by Turini, when filing a complaint, to contact Moretti’s investigative agency.

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