Barontini Cup, 55th edition | City of Livorno

Barontini Cup, 55th edition | City of Livorno
Barontini Cup, 55th edition | City of Livorno

Livorno, 12 June 2024 – La Barontini Cup returns on Saturday 15 June for its 55th edition. To challenge ourselves first, to set off from 7.55pmthey will be i 4-oared boats in the female categories (5) and juniors (8) for the Edda Fagni Trophy (a 980 meter route starting from Piazza Cavour and arriving at the wine cellars) which will be followed by the “The cellar in the cellar” initiative dedicated to wine cellars. At 10.30pm it will be the turn of the 8 goitres with 10 oarswhich will start in reverse order compared to the arrival of 2023. To follow 3 female weapons representative which will bear the names of Fortezza Vecchia, Fortezza Nuova and 4 Mori. At 11.45pm the voices of the will perform Mascagni Academy. Then it will be time for the awards. Also for 2024, thanks to the commitment of the Lem Foundation, the event will be resumed in all its parts. The news is entrusted to journalists Simona Poggianti and Fabrizio Pucci, while the historical part will be edited by Francesca Sorrentino. Furthermore, the Barcarola Prize has been established in collaboration with the Mascagni Festival, to be awarded to the youngest athlete who takes part in the race. The event is enriched by the official magazine “Il Serrate” and the book “Barontini – History of the Livorno remo” written by Alberto Gavazzeni, both published by Studio Eurobudget.

The president of the organizing committee Monica Bellandi: “This year the Edda Fagni Trophy is dedicated to Uberto Mondolfi, the mayor of Livorno violently forced to resign by the fascists in 1922. I am also very happy with the 10 women’s oars, a novelty of absolute value” .

The events manager of the Lem Foundation Adriano Tramonti: “In addition to the usual live streaming on the Facebook pages of Visit Livorno, Gare Remiere and Fondazione Lem from 7.45pm and on Granducato TV starting from 10pm, the race will see three giant screens relaunching the images: two in Falsa Braga and one on the bridge in Piazza dei Dominicani. The success of the portal, attested by the +126% of unique visits from April to May, is also the result of the promotion of the city carried out through the Rowing Races project created by the Lem Foundation”.

(Communication by the Barontini Cup Organizing Committee Association)

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