Gran Sasso, municipal ordinance closes the Centenary path – L’Aquila

THE EAGLE. The Municipality of L’Aquila, with an ordinance, also closed “to pedestrian traffic” the part under its jurisdiction of the Centenary Path “for reasons of protection of public safety” and pending maintenance work that will restore its safety.
The Centenario path is one of the most difficult paths in the whole Gran Sasso. Although recently created, the Centenary path was created in 1974 by the L’Aquila Section of the CAI to celebrate the centenary of its foundation. The path runs along the entire eastern ridge of the Gran Sasso, touching the peaks of Brancastello, the Casanova Towers, Monte Informace, Monte Prena and Monte Camicia with a ridge development of over 10 km with unique panoramas and glimpses of the Apennines and sections equipped with ladders and steel cables. The Centenary, the experts write, “is certainly not a path within everyone’s reach. To tackle it you need excellent training, optimal weather conditions, via ferrata equipment and a lot of willpower to be able to get to the end. If only one of these situations is missing, it is best to give up on approaching the itinerary or at least study all the possible descent routes along the entire ridge. Travel time can vary greatly based on physical preparation and familiarity with high mountain environments.”

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