Chiara Ferragni and Angelo Tropea, what is their relationship?

Chiara Ferragni calls Angelo Tropea her “husband”, but who is he and what is his relationship with the well-known businesswoman? Here’s what we know.

Help, but what’s happening? The world of the web is literally in turmoil: Chiara Ferragni posted a story on Instagram together with a mysterious man. So far, so good, except that in the description of the shot the businesswoman refers to him with a very particular nickname, “hubby”. But who is he? Is he perhaps a new flame? No, it’s not like that: that’s who it is.

Let’s start from the beginning. A few hours ago Chiara Ferragni published a story on Instagram in the company of a certain person Angelo Tropea. In the description of the photo he writes “basically my hubby”which translated from English means: “basically my hubby”. Everyone thought that there was a relationship between the two, but the truth is that Ferry’s most loyal fans know well that he is none other than a very dear friend of the creator.

The latter was beside her in the creator’s darkest moments and Chiara never hid how much he helped her. But who is Angelo Tropea? He is a very loyal partner of the entrepreneur and is part of the team that created “The Blonde Salad”, the blog that made Ferragni a true star in the fashion world. To date, Angelo and Chiara are no longer colleagues and they now work for two different companies, however they still remain on excellent terms, as she herself demonstrates. Tropea is currently the marketing director of The Rome EDITION, a luxury hotel in Rome.

SOURCE: Instagram/Chiara Ferragni

And you, did you know these curiosities about Chiara Ferragni and Angelo Tropea?

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