But who are the three Chinese brothers singing and how old are they?

But who are the three Chinese brothers singing and how old are they?
But who are the three Chinese brothers singing and how old are they?

But who are the Muyun Brothers? Here’s everything you need to know about the brothers, of Chinese origin, who went viral on TikTok!

On social media all over the world, everyone is talking about Muyun Brothers! There isn’t a person who doesn’t talk about them! You should know that in life they are three brothers of Chinese origins, coming from the Yi ethnic group, who they went very viral on TikTok while they sing a song getting more than 21 million views… a real trend! But who are they? We reveal everything you need to know about them!

Not much is known about the “Muyunbrothers”, not even their names… The only things we know is that they are three Chinese brothers and who love to sing together accompanied by the sound of a classical guitar. The three kids have become very viral on social media thanks to a video of them singing a song together in their traditional language. They actually explained a little more about them in their YouTube bio.

They come from the Sichuan area in China and… their age will amaze you! They are about twenty years old, although they apparently look much younger. They love music, but their channel was not born as a musical corner… far from it! The three show their country life and also the transformation of the farmhouse they live in!

We are three brothers belonging to the YI ethnic group, coming from the Daliang Mountains, in Sichuan province, south-west China. Despite we are about twenty years old, we look like children, with big dreams in our little bodies. We love music and we have transformed our rural house (a farmhouse) into a small welcoming home, filming our country life on video

Reading the comments under the videos on the TikTok and Instagram profiles of the “Muyunbrothers“, the audience went completely crazy for these three Chinese brothers! “Please tell me it’s on Spotify” writes a* user. There was *some* who even complimented them by writing “It’s nice when you cultivate a passion as a child, well done, keep it up”. We love them!

Do you like “Muyunbrothers”?

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