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Maria Sofia Federico, at just 18 years old, decided to pursue a career as a porn actress by accessing the Academy in Bucharest created by Rocco Siffredi.

However, the girl is not new to these experiences, having already activated an OnlyFans account in the past. Now, however, despite the contrary opinion of her parents, she wants to access this path and proceed in this direction, albeit with the veto imposed by her father not to register sexual relations.

Who is Maria Sofia Federico

Maria Sofia Federico_

Maria Sofia Federico was born in 2005 in Valmontone, in the province of Rome, where she currently lives with her parents. The girl, despite being very young, already has very clear ideas. Through her social channels she spreads her ideas through monologues regarding freedom, sexism and human rights, also expressed in the philosophy essay she wrote.

Sofia describes herself as a determined and passionate girl, different from other boys of her age. From a sentimental point of view, she is engaged to a girl. In 2021 she acquires some popularity by participating in 2021 at Il Collegio 6.

Maria Sofia Federico and Valentina Nappi: where the comparison comes from

Maria Sofia Federico_Nappi

Maria Sofia Federico for Rocco Siffredi is “a miniature Valentina Nappi”, but the actress seems not to think the same way. “All porn actors with each other’s ass. A woman who lets her father decide for her in 2023 should not have the right to vote”, Nappi specified on Twitter. A sort of rivalry arose between the two on social media. Some say they look alike but Valentina comments like this, clarifying:

She’s prettier than me, but she’s not a quarter as brave as me. Rosy? And of what?

I was on the set of Rocco a few weeks ago. Welcome new actresses that I’m getting old.

The thought of Luca Federico, father of Maria Sofia Federico, on his daughter

Then the debate focused on the ideas of Luca Federico, father of Maria Sofia. For some, the man has done everything possible while for Nappi it is unacceptable behavior: “I would have killed a father like that”. The man, however, speaking of his daughter, a guest a The mosquito, he has declared:

I will always support her but I don’t want to talk about it anymore. The words of Valentina Nappi? I hope Sofia doesn’t follow her example.

I declined further interviews and television invitations, because my wife and I wanted to divert attention to this situation. You have met me as a polite person but I will be rude, to the heads of caz ** who speak out of turn I say that Rocco Siffredi has not fomented anything. It was my daughter’s free decision. Sofia’s mother and I will always be ready to support her even if we don’t share her communication choices.

Regarding the dispute with the Neapolitan porn actress, he specified:

The sentences of Valentina Nappi? I could tell Valentina who. I replied to Mrs. Nappi with my public post, saying that no one prevents Maria Sofia from doing what she thinks more convenient in freedom.

More she is discriminatory because a woman telling another woman she would not have the right to vote is discriminatory, then wish me death. I replied that I hope Maria Sofia doesn’t follow her example. […] Perhaps Nappi resented Rocco’s phrases, because he said that Maria Sofia is intelligent, I tell her to live her life. Kill myself? I am immortal.

Is it right for a barely 18-year-old girl to embark on the path of porn?

What for Maria Sofia Federico represents expanding her cultural baggage, participating in the most famous hot school in the world, has sparked a heated debate on social media. In particular the video in which the girl sitting on Rocco Siffredi’s legs has aroused several criticisms. The explicit pose went viral on TikTok. Several users, showing disappointment, have commented as follows:

What a shame, she’s only a child. Remember that she is 18 and he is 60… speechless.

Everyone talking about Maria Sofia but do we want to talk about him?

The theme is divisive. If on the one hand there are those who do not agree with Maria Sofia’s choice, others criticize the father for having had a protective attitudeas if there shouldn’t be any form of protection on his part, when his daughter comes of age.

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