where it goes and who wants it

where it goes and who wants it
where it goes and who wants it

The former competitor of Gf Vip 7 returns to TV: no to La Pupa and the Secchione, Bonolis’s wife wants her as a permanent presence in the afternoon game show

Posted on: 18 July 2023 09:41:00

The former fencer Antonella Fiordelisi returns to television. After the experience at Big Brother VIP, the influencer is shopping around for a new TV role within some show that fits his bombastic personality. The hypothesis of participation in a The Pupa and the Geeknow rumors continue to chase each other regarding a possible role in the cast of Next another.

Antonella Fiordelisi courted by Avanti another

According to the latest rumors, Antonella Fiordelisi’s near future television should be on Channel 5. The rumors that tell of an interest in are increasingly insistent Sonia Bruganelliwho with his company manages the cast of Next another, towards the former fencer. Lately this item has been taken up by many, too Novella 2000, citing how Deianira Marzano merges, with the gossip expert who, however, later denied with a peremptory “There is nothing at stake”. According to what we read, however, Antonella Fiordelisi has already received the proposal for participate in the cast of Paolo Bonolis’ game show and the negotiations may already be in an advanced stage. Antonella Fiordelisi could therefore go to occupy the role of Bonascurrently occupied by Sophie Codegoni who has just become a mother: in case she wants to take a sabbatical year to devote herself to her daughter, the number one candidate to replace her would be the ex gieffina.

The Pupa and the Geek, Antonella Fiordelisi says no

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Antonella Fiordelisi had decided to categorically deny her participation in the show The Pupa and the Geek conducted by Enrico Papias a pupa. Despite her indiscretions, in fact, it was the former fencer who wanted to tell her and did so through a story published on her Instagram profile in which she categorically excludes her availability: “It’s a program I would never do“. In addition to Avanti another, at the moment in front of Antonella Fiordelisi could also open the door of Such and Which Show. In the meantime, however, the influencer has other things to think about: the crisis with Edoardo Donnamaria. After the outburst a few days ago, with Antonella Fiordelisi in tears recounting her relationship with her partner, now the former fencer has asked to avoid tagging her in content associated with Edoardo: “I ask those who love me not to tag me anymore on things that can destabilize me“.

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