”We tell you how our love was born”: Giulio Berruti and Maria Elena Boschi, the first couple interview after 3 years together

  • The 38-year-old actor and the 42-year-old politician are thinking about marriage and children
  • They live together in a new house in the center of Rome, she on marriage: “I’m waiting for Giulio to ask me”

After 3 years together Giulio Berruti and Maria Elena Boschi allow themselves their first couple interview on the pages of Who, who photographed them in the actor’s summer home in Santa Marinella, a seaside resort near Rome. The weekly gives the two the cover of the newspaper. The 38-year-old and the 42-year-old politician, usually very reserved and shy, reveal themselves and they tell how their love was born.

”We’ll tell you how our love was born”: Giulio Berruti and Maria Elena Boschi, the first couple interview after 3 years together

Theirs was love at first sight. Berruti confides: The first time we met was in 2015. I was a poor actor and she, on the other hand, was already a minister! I was leaving the premiere of the film Children Know by Walter Veltroni and was overwhelmed by his security men. Our eyes met and the spark broke out… Yes, we liked each other right away, but it took quite a while to tell us and for it to become something more”.

Berruti was linked to another at the time. Maria Elena explains: Giulio was engaged to a girl and soon after he moved to the United States. “After that first meeting I immediately thought that sooner or later I would get engaged to Maria Elena… – continues the Roman – I had sensed something special between us, though we met again only two years later. This time at the Quirinale for 2 June, Republic Day. My mom worked there for years. During the reception we talked for a long time. The next day I sent her a bouquet of roses to Palazzo Chigi”.

The 38-year-old actor and doctor confesses that he fell in love with the 42-year-old already in 2015, crossing her at a film premiere

“Giulio had struck me, but I waited to answer and in the meantime he had met another person. I too had a story… With the pandemic he came back, but there was the lockdown and so on we resumed seeing each other later. At the park, with the dog: at that point we were both free. Cautious, but free”reveals the parent company of Italia Viva in the Chamber of Deputies.

It took them a long time to talk about the feeling that unites them, they explain why. “We are very private”Boschi admits. “She is definitely more exposed than me. We have chosen not to show our love on social networks, for example. I think that precious things should always be preserved”Berruti points out.

They are a passionate couple, but with their own well-defined paths. We have different interests and we are both very busy. When he’s not a doctor and acting on set, Giulio travels abroad a lot. The secret is to meet at home in the evening: to have the desire to share and to make common projects”, explains Maria Elena. Julius adds: We don’t see each other during the week even though we live under the same roof, which is why we are always together at the weekend. Maria Elena loves art exhibitions and opera, I love photography more. And I’m passionate about sports.”

Politics coexists with the Roman in a house in the center of Rome: they think about marriage and children

They live together in a new house in the center, they are also thinking about marriage. Boschi reveals: We share an idea of ​​family which is also a team, in which there is complicity. We already feel like a family indeed. Do you want to know if we think about children? Yes, we would like children. Although for now we are in great demand as uncles ”.

The first few months their relationship unleashed some haters. On social media I read unrepeatable phrases. Free offenses that I believe are the result of a certain barbarism of a part of Italian society. It happened to me that I was offended in the middle of the street just by being with her. It wouldn’t have happened abroad.”he says. “Actually we live a normal life. Giulio has two jobs and I try to keep my commitment as a lawyer. I try to prove that prejudices are wrong, but if you’re in politics you can’t please everyoneshe points out.

The question about the possible wedding date comes. I wait for Giulio to ask me, says Boschi. Berruti jokes: “Me too that she does it… I’m kidding! There is no date, but I promise that as soon as it is set ‘Who’ will be the first to know”.

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