Asd Marsala Gym Lab: Sofia De Filippi among the best 20 Gold gymnasts in Italy

Asd Marsala Gym Lab: Sofia De Filippi among the best 20 Gold gymnasts in Italy
Asd Marsala Gym Lab: Sofia De Filippi among the best 20 Gold gymnasts in Italy

The weekend was a great one for the Asd Marsala Gym Lab which held its sixth GAF Italian Gold Student Championship in Riccione from 17 to 19 May.

The Riccione Playhall packed with enthusiasts and an impeccable organization were the setting for three days of very high level competitions where the best 120 gymnasts in Italy, for the categories from A1 to A4, took to an immense competition field to obtain access to the much coveted final.

Friday was a qualifying day and 40 passes were awarded for Sunday’s final.

The best Sicilian on the platform for the A2 category is Asia Bernardone of ASD Marsala Gym Lab who however stops at 88 (p. 72.925). The other Sicilians in the race, Urbani and Garito of SSD Unime, did worse than her and placed in 95th (p. 71,000) and 107th position (p. 62,100).

For the A1 category the entire regional podium was present with Sofia De Filippi of the ASD Marsala Gym Lab, Gioia Reale Ruffino of the ASD Gymnasium Capo d’Orlando and Marica Lupo of the ASD Millennium.

Sofia De Filippi, in addition to being the best Sicilian competing in the category, is also the only Sicilian gymnast to win the final of the Italian Individual Gold A1 Student Championship with the 39th score (p. 62.450) and barely due to of an imprecise beam, she savors the air of the final determined to do better than the qualification.

And the objective was in fact achieved, improving her personal score (p. 63,500) which places her among the 20 best strongest gymnasts in Italy.

Thus the coach Gilda Tortorici “I have been following Sofia and Asia since they were three and five years old and they immediately demonstrated that they have all the potential necessary to become excellent gymnasts. Being among the best gymnasts not only in Sicily but also in Italy and with Sofia among the 20 best in Italy honors us infinitely. They are the only people from Marsala to compete in the most important championship that the Italian Gymnastics Federation has scheduled for their age group and although the program is really complex, we work hard and with our heads down, having all the credentials for the high level. The road is very long and uphill but we look forward and continue to chase our dreams”

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