Suspicious death of Vincenzo Cancemi, the sisters call for justice

Suspicious death of Vincenzo Cancemi, the sisters call for justice
Suspicious death of Vincenzo Cancemi, the sisters call for justice

Pachino – They do not believe in the suicide of their brother, which took place in Pachino 7 months ago. They are convinced that there is something not very transparent about the end of Vincenzo Cancemi and now with an open letter they ask the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic, Sabrina Gambino, to investigate that suspicious death and oppose the request for dismissal formulated by the prosecutor.

Not resigned are the sisters of the victim, Giusy and Francesca Cancemi who ask for truth and justice for their brother. The two girls write: “Out loud we scream our dissent in front of the PM’s decision regarding the request for dismissal of the case, we believe that the investigations have not been carried out in depth. There is no document that confirms the veracity of that video, no written technical report. We think it is unfair that the prosecutor did not order the autopsy because he believes that the video is sufficient for the evidential picture it is also unfair that he even refused to make a forensic copy and therefore to carry out in-depth investigations on a mobile phone belonging to Vincenzo because of an oxidized plug that the NITs did not want to change. We were invited to change it ourselves, because if we hadn’t done it the prosecutor would have been indisposed and so it was, because we refused to get that phone out of the Prosecutor’s Office An alleged evidence, element of investigation, deliberately ignored because the video was down enough to conclude the investigation.

Negligence of the investigations from the beginning, pollution in the scene of the alleged suicide, a coroner who does not arrive, an assault by a marshal on the family a few days later and an autopsy always refused. That cell phone is not the only element ignored in the investigation phase.

In the request for filing the case presented, the sentence runs: “It is hardly necessary to specify, finally, that in the presence of evidence of this fact it would have been completely ultronic and superfluous (to the extent of accounting responsibility) to carry out the autoptic examination of the body.” A shameful sentence to say the least and not in keeping with the principles of legality since important elements for the investigations have been ignored because, the prosecutor emphasizes that there is a video where Vincenzo says he wants to commit suicide, a video that is not the scientific answer on the Vincenzo’s manner of death. That April 28th we found our brother directly in a coffin and we couldn’t even touch him. He had a long wound on his forehead, a swollen and broken nasal septum, scratches on his face and a hematoma on his left side. Nobody saw him hanging from a tree, except his partner.

We do not know if he was drugged, beaten, if he took drugs and if he really committed suicide. A few days ago a boy died in Pachino by hanging. An autopsy was arranged for this poor boy. We ask why there was this shameful difference in treatment by the Prosecutor, yet both seem to have committed suicide by hanging.

Why this obvious inequality of treatment by the judiciary? What is there to hide? Meanwhile, there is still a mother who has been crying for her son for seven months who had told her the day before she died that the next day she would call her back. Isn’t the law the same for everyone? This is an affront to justice and human rights, as well as a shame. We turn to the Prosecutor of Syracuse and the chief prosecutor Sabrina Gambino: We want the truth, we do not believe everything that has been told about the death of our brother, let alone that video. Give us the autopsy as soon as possible because the more time passes the more we think there is something or someone behind this whole painful story. “

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