SanLucar won the Environmental impact award

It was assigned to San Lucarfrom the agency for the promotion of foreign investments Fipa Tunisia, the Environmental impact award as recognition of the contribution to the economic growth and sustainable development of the country.

The multinational that produces and distributes top quality fruit and vegetables was awarded last Wednesday in the Tunisian city of Gammarth, as part of the 21st edition of the Tunis investment forum. Walid Kalboussicountry manager of SanLucar, received the award from the president of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Crafts (Utica), Samir Majoul. The event was attended by prominent authorities from the economic and political spheres, as well as representatives of the SanLucar team in the country.

During his speech, the manager of SanLucar Tunisia expressed his deepest gratitude for this honorary gesture with which Fipa Tunisia wanted to underline SanLucar’s contribution in recent years in terms of innovation and sustainable investments.

According to Kalboussi, “in its constant pursuit of excellence, SanLucar landed in Tunisia in 2008 with its first agricultural company, La Cinquième Saison, located in El Hamma, in the south of the country”. A pioneering project which, as he explained, allows the multinational to grow tomatoes in winter, taking advantage of the exceptional light conditions of the site, as well as the geothermal heating of the water in its greenhouses.

“Today our presence has extended to Alia in Bizerte and Limaoua in Gabès, for the production of strawberries and blueberries“, he added.

The development of SanLucar in Tunisia has been accompanied by a real concern to control its impact on the environment through various measures such as digitalization and the application of new technologies for a more efficient use of natural resources, especially water; integrated biological pest control; the use of sustainable varieties suited to the country’s climatic conditions.

SanLucar has approached its growth in Tunisia also with a view to positively impacting the trade balance, allowing its Tunisian subsidiaries to benefit from both the group’s agronomic know-how and the commercial strength of the globally recognized SanLucar brand.

But the company’s goal is not just to continue growing in the country while taking care of the environment. SanLucar works every day to fulfill its mission: to offer the world the best fruit and vegetables, in harmony not only with nature, but also with people.

With this in mind, the company carries out a series of social projects in Tunisia, which benefit both the local communities near its production farms and SanLucar employees and their families. Among its many projects, the company contributes to improving the employability of young Tunisians by promoting professional training in the agricultural sector.

The Environmental impact award joins other awards that SanLucar has already received in the country, such as the Social progress award, The partnership agricultural investment award and the Hannon prize for its responsible investments in Tunisia.

Source: SanLucar

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