Campagne e Cascine 2024, Argentinian crew wins

Juan Tonconogy And Barbara Ruffini on Alfa Romeo 6C Gs Spider Zagato are the winners of the Campaigns and Farmhouses 2024XXII 3T Cup, fifth round of Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship, organized by the 3T team which took place this weekend in Cremona. The Argentine crew totaled only 351.08 penalties thanks to precise driving despite the cumbersomeness of a pre-war car with a generous wheelbase but certainly favored by the coefficient. For the Argentine crew, profitable training with lots of success at Campagne and Cascine in view of the 1000 Miglia.

“It’s always wonderful to be here, because especially since our daughter was born, being able to return to Italy has become more challenging but it’s extraordinary to be back and to have won this race”.

The Paduan brothers trailed by just 6.49 penalties Alberto and Giuseppe Scapolo on the Fiat 508C of Nettuno Bologna, who also achieved second place in the 2nd Grouping despite “some driving errors”.

“This is one of the most beautiful races – said Scapolo – because it is technical and well organized and with very beautiful places. A difficult race for everyone, we are satisfied.”

Third position in the general classification and first in the RC1 category, the Brescians Lorenzo and Mario Turelli on the OM 665 SMM Superba of Brescia Corse: “One of the most interesting races of the Championship – says Turelli – certainly demanding for our car and in fact we paid something. It was excellent training with difficult and technical tests.” Seconds in RC1 and fourths in the General Classification are the expert spouses Sergio Sisti and Anna Gualandi on a 1929 Lancia Lambda Spider Casaro from the Classic Team.

Fifth in the general classification but on the RC2 podium for the always sporty couple from Varese Roberto Crugnola and Annalisa Mentasti on the ’37 Fiat 508C, who preceded Andrea Belometti and Cristian Ricca on the ’29 Lancia Lambda SPider Casaro of Brescia Corse, on which they obtained third place in the RC1 category.

Seventh place for Sergio Mazzoleni and Edrisio Carrara on Mg Tb of RIP 356, eighth are Gianmario Fontanella and Anna Maria Covelli on Lancia Lambda Casaro of Promotor Classic. The people from Turin complete the Top Ten Alberto Diana and Paolo Frassine on Fiat 508C of Promotor Classic e Andrea Malucelli with the spouse Monica Bernuzzi who on the Fiat Duna 70 of Franciacorta Motori ranked tenth in the general classification but won the RC5 Class and the podium of the classification without coefficients.

At the end of the race, congratulations from all the participants for staging a very high level competition organized by the women and men who supported Claudio and Mara Gregoritireless hosts, always available to the competitors.

Among the groups, victory for the Sardinian bearers of the Italian Porsche 356 Registry Alessandro Virdis and Silvia Giordo on a Porsche 366 A Coupé, capable of leading by only 10 penalties Giuseppe Rapisarda and Danilo Piga, seconds of RC3. Good in RC4 category Claudio Lastri and Valter Pantani on the ’75 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super of the Classic Team.

An international race thanks to the presence of numerous crews from Argentina and Russia, if the winners among the foreign crews were in fact Juan Tonconogy and Barbara Ruffinithe compatriots came second Daniel Erejomobich and Susanna Serri and third the Russians Marat Yarullin and Boris Kostyrko on Fiat 508S.

Among the ladies, the winners are Caterina Vagliani and Rossella Torri on Autobianchi A112 of Franciacorta Motori, while among the very young Under 30s, deserved success for the always sporty brothers from Bobbio Roberto and Andrea Paradisi standard bearers of the Castellotti team on Autobianchi Y10. Among the stables, success for the Emilian association Nettuno Bologna.

The CIREAS Italian Historic Car Regularity Championship will return to the scene on the weekend of 8 and 9 June on the occasion of the Targa AC Bologna.

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