Missed renewals and salary maneuver: Dybala wants to ask Juve for 54 million euros in damages

Missed renewals and salary maneuver: Dybala wants to ask Juve for 54 million euros in damages
Missed renewals and salary maneuver: Dybala wants to ask Juve for 54 million euros in damages

After the Ronaldo card it’s up to the Dybala card. During the interrogation of the former Juventus player for the capital gains investigation, Joya’s lawyer Luca Ferrari spoke of a record request for 54 million euros towards the Juventus. And of a lawsuit that will arise if the Bianconeri do not pay the current Roma player’s wages arrears by the end of April. Meanwhile, today the judgment on the merits of the State Council will say if Juve can use the Covisoc card in the appeal at Coni. While Monday 27 March the preliminary hearing of the criminal trial is scheduled in Turin. From which the public prosecutor will abstain Cyrus Santoriello. Which leaves for the conference in which he said “I hate Juventus”. By mid-April, the FIGC prosecutor’s office will close the investigation into Juve. The appeal on the penalty will be discussed on the 19th.

Joya and Juventus money

Dybalahe says today Republic, relieved his lawyer of professional secrecy. And Ferrari explained to the Guardia di Finanza that the player has never in any way renounced the 3.8 million of euros which is left over after the now famous “salary manoeuvre”. But the lawyer added that there is another dispute with the bianconeri. Which concerns the non-renewal of his contract with Juventus. It seemed done, according to the lawyer, because “only the signature was missing”. Hence the request for compensation and the ultimatum already delivered to the company. According to the private agreements between the club and the player dating back to April 28, 2021. The figure of 54 million had already been announced to Juventus inApril 2022 via mail. Ferrari’s lawyer asked for the difference in five years between the contract with Roma and how much he would have received at the club Juventus.

The break

Explaining that the liability is in all respects contractual. The negotiations had begun in the summer 2021. In October she had been integrated with the money from the salary package. At that point, according to the version of Dybala’s lawyer, a dispute over commissions for agents was opened. In the month of January comes the change of course for the bianconeri. Then in March a much lower proposal arrives than the basic one. And the negotiations break down. In May, Ferrari asks for five million euros to settle both disputes. But the answer is negative. A counter-proposal of three million euros arrives immediately or four in two years. But without any written commitment. Dybala says no. And he prepares to ask 54 million to Juventus. The arrears, if any, will also go to his heirs.

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