Cagliari, the endless stadium “dispute” affects the future

Of Sergio Demuru

With bowls still, the results achieved must be weighed and some important reflections made. Shared or not. However, the issue relating to the stadium remains in “pole position”. Which could destabilize the real expectations of a club like Cagliari. For too many years now we have been going on with openings and subsequent closures of a “dispute” that seems endless. Changes to the initial project, delays due to unbearable bureaucracy and so on and so forth. It is always the “supporters” who pay. Especially in the last season the rossoblù fans responded en masse to what were the expectations of the day before, reaching a considerable share of season tickets (the “Unipol Domus” was practically always “sold-out” with the few tickets put on sale) and demonstrating that it would not be utopian to set up a new structure with a much higher capacity.

At the moment the company’s cry of pain has not been acknowledged by the bodies responsible for carrying out the negotiations. In Cagliari there was the proclamation of the “new-old” mayor, Massimo Zedda who had already previously, during his mandate which ended and then attempted to climb the regional ladder, offered a sort of opening to the patron Tommaso Giulini. Subsequently, the right-wing mayor Truzzu seemed intent on supporting all the needs, without however acting as spokesperson for the needs to start the procurement of the new structure.

At the end of the fair nothing was accomplished. Lots of ideas, more Council meetings, but not even a shadow of concrete facts. Now with a left-wing council, once again with Massimo Zedda at the helm of the city, there is a hint of some divergences and there are fears of difficulties in following the path that would lead to the start of the works. Everything is being dragged into the classic oblivion and in the meantime the team, even for the next seasons, will be forced to play in the narrow “Unipol Domus” facility, where there are positive sides, considering that the public makes its presence felt by acting as the twelfth man on the pitch as Claudio Ranieri often preached, but it still remains the downside with limited takings and, above all for the so-called cartel comparisons, with so many spectators that they can’t find a seat. In this historical moment, greater certainties would be needed to unravel a skein that has been on “stand-by” for too long. Only with the certainty of being able to use a new facility will the Cagliari Calcio club be able to plan a future with important ambitions.

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