“Ready to go with Poli Bortone in the prosecutor’s office”

LECCE – “There are those who, this morning, with a playful spirit, wanted to represent me in front of the cemetery doors, evoking my next farewell. For me some comments are medals on the chest also because they come from a former municipal councilor who, after the initiative taken by the undersigned who together with other minority councilors denounced the fraud of the Municipal Ordinaries (BOC), was condemned with a final sentence of four and a half years (actually three months, ed.) with perpetual disqualification from holding public offices.”

With this reference to one of the most nebulous events in the recent history of Lecce politics, an event which culminated with the confirmation in the Court of Cassation of the responsibility of Ennio De Leo (councillor of the Poli Bortone council) and of the manager Giuseppe Naccarelli for proven offenses in the provision of incentives in the In the context of the subscription of the BOC, Carlo Salvemini relaunched his electoral campaign in Piazza Ludovico Ariosto by forcefully proposing the theme of legality and public ethics. There were many listening to him.

If it is true that Adriana Poli Bortone missed out on winning the first round by a whisker, it seems equally certain that the Center-Left candidate is intent on playing all his chances of recovery down to the last second, also focusing on the fact that the ballots are often stories in themselves. And so phase two of the confrontation – the electoral campaign ends at midnight on Friday – promises to be short, also because the Electoral Commission’s checks have taken up three full days, but intense.

“For over a month – continued Salvemini – reference has been made to dossiers on resolutions, decisions and provisions which allude to a compromise of the public interest in order to favor private facts and situations. For months it has been claimed that there are professionals responsible for demonstrating how the financial situation of the institution is different from what we have reconstructed, but I haven’t seen anything for months. A person who was very dear to me, Stefano Salvemini (his father, former mayor of the city from 1995 to 1998, who passed away in 2003), was also pulled by the hair. So I declare myself ready from now on to accompany Adriana Poli Bortone to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to deliver the dossier that she believes she has prepared to denounce the wrongdoings committed during my mandate in the city government”.

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