evidence of synergies. And Giani wants them wider

evidence of synergies. And Giani wants them wider
evidence of synergies. And Giani wants them wider

Florence, 18 June 2024 – If Prato is the model city, Tuscany is the national laboratory. The Democratic Party starts from its successes to trace the line of the wide field. The cultivation is already underway: a crescendo of declarations up to explicit support, intertwining perspectives (regional 2025) and current events around the corner (the ballot in Florence).

The path of the Tuscan dem does not allow deviations: the Democratic Party wants to lead a broad alliance ranging from Avs to Più Europa to the 5 Star Movement. There will be time for handshakes, in the meantime we wink and nudge each other: synergy can take root. How solid we must see. The strategy of the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani fits into this scenario: he wants to find the right connections to play his game: the second re-nomination for Tuscany.

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Stackable scripts? Not completely. Not all the edges fit perfectly because the current majority that supports it understands Italia Viva (strong from the treasure trove of votes brought to victory in 2020, 4.5% for over 72 thousand votes) and not the 5 Star Movement (7% in 2020 for over 113 thousand votes). Giani strategist is already on the electoral campaign: he would like to go beyond the intentions of the Democratic Party. Keep everyone together: even Conte’s party and Renzi’s. A miracle or so. But he wants to try anyway in the name of a “progressive coalition of great value”. Pen and paper, he sums up the Pd, the Left, the Greens, Italia Viva, Action “up to the Five Star Movement”. Result? For him it means victory at the next regionals also because he wants to get on track the Giani List, “identity civics”, with a target of between 7 and 10 percent.

Does everything come back? In short. Giani and the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party and Giani will have to be amalgamated. Meanwhile, the Tuscany project of the dems continues, thanks to the success of Ilaria Bugetti, the new mayor of Prato who brought together the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement “thanks to sharing programs”, reiterate the Tuscan dems. Marco Furfaroright-hand man of Elly Schlein, deputy from Pistoia, defined the line and explicitly detailed the openness to the 5 Star Movement: “Political projects are built with humility and listening to others. Anyone who is ready to discuss public health, fight against work poor, circular economy, job creation, is welcome.”

And the Prato case is the example to follow: “Very broad alliances, with those who wanted to participate in the program and not think about seats: Pd, left and moderates, the Five Star Movement and More Europe. Whoever wanted to stay out of this scheme didn’t even get into the city council. Because people can no longer stand ambiguities: either they are on one side or the other”. A decisive line, carried forward by the Tuscan secretary Emiliano Fossi: “We are the demonstration of the inclusive spirit in coalition building”. Because “we are aware that in politics we need votes and not vetoes”.

The messages they have arrived clear to the 5 Star Movement. With just as many unequivocal answers. The common denominator is already there: the group leader in the regional council Irene Galletti, for example, went to the headquarters of the Tuscan CGIL to support the four referendums “which aim to consolidate workers’ rights and strengthen safety in the workplace”. And the day after the vote you asked the Democratic Party equal dignity at the table if we need to start seeing each other.

Then came the support for the candidacy of Sara Funaro. Silvia Noferi, Tuscan regional councilor believes in a more just and supportive society to be achieved “together” and announces her vote in the Florentine ballot for Sara Funaro: “As councilor of the Tuscany Region resident in Florence, I would like to share with you my voting intention for the runoff – he continues – As you all know the choice is between Schmidt’s right-wing coalition and Sara Funaro’s centre-left coalition”.

Lorenzo Masi, who in the first round was the mayoral candidate of the M5s, obtaining 3.35% of the votes, is explicit: “There are no doubts: the right field cannot be built that with the Democrats and in the run-off we will convincingly support Sara Funaro’s candidacy, we will not leave our Florence in the hands of the right”. Tuscany perspective: “We are ready to confront ourselves loyally for the good of Florence and in the interest of the metropolitan citywith a view to the 2025 Regionals, without obviously giving up our themes”. In the meantime, what unites rather than what divides is exalted.

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