Luigi Ferrara, new position at the Carrara Academy: “Passion and competence”

Luigi Ferrara, new position at the Carrara Academy: “Passion and competence”
Luigi Ferrara, new position at the Carrara Academy: “Passion and competence”

Bergamo. Luigi Ferrara he was appointed member of the Advisory Board of the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo. This body, provided for by the statute of the Fondazione Accademia Carrara di Bergamo, carries out a consultative function and supports the governing bodies in developing strategic lines and in promoting dialogue with stakeholders.

With this assignment, Ferrara increases its commitment to the museum, reviving a love that has deep and consolidated roots. With a brilliant and contagious enthusiasm, he explains: “I have always been passionate about art and more generally about cultural events. I have cultivated this personal passion by taking time out of my professional activity, which takes up every day. I am managing director of Sicuritalia, the largest company in the country in the sector of security services for companies and individuals, with 18 thousand employees: it is a job that requires a lot of dedication, but I have always managed to follow both areas”.

“In the past – continues Ferrara – my passion for art led me to be close to the Carrara Academy. In 2012 the then mayor of Bergamo, Franco Tentorio, asked me to take on the role of administrator of Cobe, a company owned by the Municipality which in those years had the task of safeguarding and enhancing the heritage of the Accademia Carrara during the period of closure of the museum which was necessary for the renovation overall of the nineteenth-century building in which it is located. Thanks to the scientific curatorship of the museum management, and in particular of M. Cristina Rodeschini, in that period exhibitions were organized in some of the most important and prestigious museum institutions in the world, starting processes of dialogue and interlocutions that would prove even more precious when the museum reopened and even today we are reaping the benefits. Examples of this include the large exhibition on the Italian Renaissance which was set up in the Australian capital Canberra, becoming an opportunity to promote the territory with global scope, but also an exhibition created in collaboration with the Institute of Italian Culture in Stockholm, in the summer residence of the Swedish crown, inaugurated in the presence of the princess of Sweden and the then first citizen of Bergamo, or an exhibition of importance at the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels and yet another in Rome, in the beautiful setting of Bramante’s cloister. But one cannot fail to also remember the great exhibition at the Metropolitan in New York, which was an unforgettable experience.”

In a different way, Luigi Ferrara continued his work after the reopening of the Carrara Academy. “At the end of the mandate – he notes – I left because the museum was ready to reopen and Cobe was closed, but I continued to cultivate a careful closeness to this reality, both personally and as a member of the Amici della Carrara, where I have been a councilor for years. I organized and helped organize events at the Accademia Carrara, such as the meeting with the Strega Prize Emanuele Trevi and a concert-show of Neri Marcoré in the evocative rooms dotted with Baschenis’ masterpieces”.

Finally, looking at the present and the near future, Ferrara concludes: “The former president of the Accademia Carrara Foundation of Bergamo (role which coincides with that of the mayor, ed.) Giorgio Gori appointed me as a member of the Advisory Board, which can be defined as an incubator of ideas on the Anglo-Saxon model, made up of 14 members. I welcome the role with satisfaction: I will carry it forward with my usual passion, deploying my skills, ready to take on the new challenges of today and tomorrow, collaborating to make Carrara grow more and more”.

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