Palermo, in Confcommercio the debate on digital transformation as the key to the rebirth of the South

Digitalisation: Italy ranks 18th among the 27 EU members, according to DESI, the European Commission’s assessment tool that measures progress in the field of digitalisation of the economy and society in the Old Continent. This result is affected by the lack of basic digital skills among citizens and companies: only 60% of Italian SMEs have reached a basic level of digital intensity.

Yet digital transformation continues to be the only way to improve the economic and social fabric, especially in the South of the country, as underlined by the event “Digital Transformation in the company, for a change of pace between protections and opportunities”, which will be held in Palermo on 18 June at 10.30 am at the Confcommercio headquarters, in the Sala Consiglio in Via E.Amari, 11.

The event organized and promoted by Global Thinking Foundation will see the participation of institutions, the business world and professionals. «Digital security and therefore cyber security is a crucial issue in corporate governance and is also linked to a concept of shared social responsibility. In fact, companies are also responsible towards their workers and should protect them from cyber attacks and cyber violence. This will be a topic that we will explore in depth on the basis of the data and experiences collected in the area and at a European level, certain of a debate that will be profitable for all entrepreneurs and male and female workers”, declared Claudia Segre, President of the Global Thinking Foundation , who will moderate the event.

The following will be present for institutional greetings: Concetta Di Benedetto, UO PO and fight against discrimination, Municipality of Palermo, Patrizia Di Dio, President of Confcommercio Palermo and National Vice President of Confcommercio, Alessandro Scalia, President of the Sicilian Lawyers Union and Margherita Tomasello Terrasi, Tertiary President Donna Palermo and Vice President of Confcommercio Palermo.

Among the speakers who will animate the debate on digital transformation, between delays and opportunities: Silvia Gentili, investment Principal Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Laura Mazza, Secretary of the Mediterranean Parliament, Giuseppe Di Rosa, Founder and Managing Partner Beelaw Law Firm.

At the end of the debate, the documentary “Addiction: No, Thanks” will be screened, introduced by Martina Gangi, Project Manager Focus Sud Global Thinking Foundation. The work directed by Federica Toscano addresses, in a narrative lasting approximately 34 minutes, the phenomenon of digital gambling addiction, forms of addiction that have a very clear impact on the family budget, exposing citizens and families to problems related to over-indebtedness and risk of being victims of usury and extortion.

“Addictions: No, Thank You” is produced by the Global Thinking Foundation which is carrying out numerous initiatives in the city of Palermo, to raise awareness of fundamental issues for the social and economic development of the area.

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