Who are Alex Petri and Vittoria Bricarello from Temptation Island 2024?

Who are Alex Petri and Vittoria Bricarello from Temptation Island 2024?
Who are Alex Petri and Vittoria Bricarello from Temptation Island 2024?

In the last few hours, the fifth couple of ‘Temptation Island 2024’ was revealed on official social networks, starting from Thursday 27 June, in prime time, on Canale 5 with Filippo Bisciglia. It’s about Alex Petri and Vittoria Bricarello.

Let’s get to know them better:

Victory: “I’m Vittoria, I’m 34 years old and I’ve been engaged to Alex for a year and nine months. I was the one who wrote to Temptation Island because I want a definitive answer from Alex, whether he wants to be with me or not. He doesn’t make me feel included in his life, for example, it happened that I wasn’t invited to his birthday, the guests were supposed to be only male, and instead I discovered that there were also females.”

Alex: “It was a club, there were men and women. I didn’t organize it.”

Victory: “Yes, but they were at his table. The fact is that you always have to be right, but I’m ready to leave…”

Alex: “But it’s not true…”

Who is Alex Petri from Temptation Island 2024? Age, work, Instagram

On the Giornalelavoce portal, we read that Alex is “36 years old and is from Feletto, in the heart of the Canavese area. Born on March 28, 1988, Alex is known for his dynamic life and his passion for having fun, especially in the company of friends.

By profession, Alex is an energy consultant, a job that keeps him busy but still leaves him time to cultivate his passions, among which five-a-side football stands out. In fact, Alex is a professional player and wears the black and white colors of Castellamonte sports club”.

He has an Instagram profile @alex_petri which, to date, has over 2400 followers.

Who is Vittoria Bricarello from Temptation Island 2024? Age, work, Instagram

Also on the same site we learn that “Vittoria is 34 years old, an artistic gymnastics coach at a sports club in Vercelli. A former Serie A gymnast and currently a dancer, she began her adventure as a gymnast early where at the age of 13 the athlete was nicknamed “the star” thanks to the brilliant results obtained and from then on it was all a triumph, first with the achievement of the title of regional champion and, after a few years, interregional recognition”.

Her Instagram account, @viky.bri, currently has over 14,400 followers.

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