Ballot in Perugia, Zaffini: «A possible defeat will have repercussions on the regional elections, but we will win»

Franco Zaffini

by Maurizio Troccoli

A few days before the final mach of the administrative elections in Perugia and after the Fanpage investigation on the youth members of the Fratelli d’Italia party, praising fascist symbols, Senator Franco Zaffini relaunches the theme of radicalism: «The subjects registered in that investigation – he says – they are just idiots, but I see no difference with the clenched fist of the candidate for mayor of Perugia Vittoria Ferdinandi”.

Did you expect the ballot?

Yes. However, I was surprised by the substantial draw. The election was polarized between the two candidates, with a substantial inconsistency among the outsiders. In politics, unfortunately, today, what counts is not ten years of good governance, but two months of communication.

How will the ballot go?

The people of Perugia are aware of the danger of an administration of the unaware. Ferdinandi is a smart girl, I give her credit for having given her all in this electoral campaign, but she says things that demonstrate her unawareness regarding the government of a complex city that must return to the center of Italy and cannot afford leaps in the dark .

What don’t you like about Ferdinandi’s program and what do you like about Scoccia’s?

Ferdinandi has a copious collection of good intentions, unless we consider listening to be a programmatic action. Let’s say that the night department makes me tender. Scoccia’s is concrete, some examples for everyone: the resolution of the Perugia hub and the Brt, which connects a part of the city disconnected with transport systems, especially after the failure of the minimetro.

What would you do with the mine??

What was done previously will not be dismantled. It fixes itself. As was done with the budget of the Municipality of Perugia. The mine must cost less and work more. It means being better connected to the city’s other transport systems.

You will play the Meloni card in Perugia for this last part of the electoral campaign?

We are trying but I consider the task impossible. You have concentrated a lot of energy on the G7 which has given excellent results, and the agenda has all been postponed to after the G7, we have confirmation that you are much loved in Perugia but I think we will do it with our own strength

What repercussions will a possible defeat of the center-right in Perugia have on the regional elections?

In numerical terms we will see a substantial draw. That is, there will not be a 20 percentage point gap. In terms of narrative and metaphysics of politics I cannot deny that it would be a problem to face for the challenge of the regional elections.

What do you think of the result obtained by your party and its candidate Giambartolomei?

As regional secretary I have never supported individual candidates and I have always advised everyone against doing so. Then whoever chooses to do it will be his problem. Matteo is my collaborator, I appreciate his qualities of concreteness and commitment and I felt like spending some energy on him. But the credit goes to him. The party’s result is in line with the national figure. Of course, the European elections return a vote that is freer from the legitimate constraints that always exist on administrative elections. However, I feel sorry for municipalities like Montefalco and Marsicano where I believe it was well managed.

He spoke of Ferdinandi as an extremist and he did so a few days after the Fanpage investigation into the young extremists present in his party. Doesn’t this seem like a stretch to you?

Fanpage is not the most objective, however the subjects photographed and recorded are just poor idiots and idiots, for whom I have no feelings other than that of sorrow. I feel sorry for them. I have no difficulty disavowing them and saying that if they come within range I’ll give them a good slap as a good family man would do with a son who makes mistakes. However, allow me a parallel with Ferdinandi who sings Che Guevara with his fist clenched and the star close to the Rolex. I see no difference between an outstretched arm and a closed fist. They are monsters from the past that are not praised. It is not enough to say that Soviet communism did not belong to us. Even our own communism was guilty of crimes, just remember the night of the Republic with the red brigades. Let’s say that over there there are young militants, here we have at hand a candidate for mayor who presents herself with the sun of the future.

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