After January, Soleri is back in fashion: the Palermo striker as an option for the attack

Edoardo Soleri an idea for Spezia’s attack returns with force. Five months after the contacts in January, the Palermo striker is about to leave Sicily during the summer, also thanks to the arrival on the bench of Alessio Dionisi who would like to bring Gregoire Defrel, already trained in adventure in Sassuolo. For this reason, the twenty-six year old would have ended up on the market, where several teams have already asked for information, including Luca D’Angelo’s Spezia, who had already been one step away from purchasing him in the winter transfer market. “In January we concluded an agreement but in the end the other team was unable to sell the player and we found ourselves having to find alternatives”, explained president Philip Platek in yesterday’s conference and the subject of the anecdote was Edoardo himself Soleri.

It’s all the fault of those fifteen minutes on the pitch last January 20th in Palermo-Modena. A Soleri already sold to Spezia made his entrance towards the end of the match against the Emilians and with a brace he gave victory to Eugenio Corini’s then team. Hence the change of plans: no more transfer, with all due respect to the agreement found between the clubs, complete with medical visits already booked by Spezia. But now, after a few months, the La Spezia option for Soleri is taking hold again, for what would be a return to the white jersey after the six months of loan between June 2017 and January 2018.

Spezia is looking for two new attackers, a Soleri-like profile who follows the characteristics of Pio Esposito and a more maneuverable player, like Falcinelli, who could have been that Giuseppe Sibilli who with the salvation of Bari will however be reconfirmed by the Apulians. Clear ideas and identikits for Luca D’Angelo’s team, which as in last season will open up to the double option for the construction of its advanced department, which will be able to take the field either with two attackers at the same time or with a single striker supported by two attacking midfielders. From this perspective, it remains to be understood what the future of Daniele Verdeto which Palermo seems to have returned with interest, and which could separate from Spezia in the summer despite the renewal signed last winter.

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