«65 Amazon Geodis workers internalized»: the victory of the unions

The unions Si Cobas, CGIL and CISL have signed the agreement «which will lead to the internalization of sixty-five workers from the Amazon-Geodis site in Piacenza, currently employed by the Leo cooperative», the unions announced.

«The provincial coordinator of Si Cobas Mohamed Arafat, the secretary of Fit-Cisl Salvatore Buono and the secretary of Filt-Cgil Massimo Tarenchi were present at the negotiation, each assisted by their company union representatives. This is an important step with which the unions have managed to cut the employer chain by hiring workers directly from the “client”, bypassing the contract.”

«The workers – they explain – are very satisfied with the agreement, also because the internalisation will be associated with the maintenance of existing improvement agreements, which are usually eliminated when internalisations take place. Among these improving aspects, the daily canteen ticket worth 8 euros, the production and presence bonus with a total value of 1,200 euros and the level advancement expressed in an improvement manner compared to the national collective agreement for all workers employed on the site . The unions have also managed to maintain the work commitment on the 39 hours per week distributed from Monday to Friday, so that the weekend continues to be exclusively voluntary work and paid as overtime”.

«The unions have been calling for internalization for years, and this is finally happening with an agreement that will guarantee stability, job security but also advantageous economic treatments. The unions therefore express satisfaction with the result achieved and communicate that, although the negotiation was long and complex, the result amply repays it by satisfying all the requests made by the workers. In the next few days, however, the fight will begin to defend the jobs of over 130 workers employed by Geodis in Castel San Giovanni, who work in the warehouse where the goods of the customer Bosch are stored. The union – explains the note – will oppose the relocation plan until the end until it obtains an employment guarantee on the model of what was obtained last month for the client Prenatal, who had the same travel plan but in the end agreed to remain in Castello thanks to the workers’ struggle.”

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