Calabria in camper: the First Fruits Festival in Roseto Capo Spulico

Deserted beaches, crystal clear waters, scenic castles, breathtaking views, strong flavors and good stopping opportunities. If you need reasons to plan a trip to Calabria in a camper, these are just a few. The list is long. On the Ionian coast, overlooking the Gulf of Tarantothe village of Capo Spulico Rose Garden gives a beautiful glance. It is one of the Ancient colonies Sybarisimportant in the Norman period for the strategic position.

The village contains the mother church, the baronial palace and the small church of the Immaculate Conception. The latter is known as Santo Totaro from the name attributed to the sarcophagus placed on the facade. Clinging to a limestone rock overlooking the beach, the castle is one of the most scenic in the Mediterranean. Rebuilt in the thirteenth century by order of Frederick II of Swabia on the eastern coast of Calabria, it is the symbol of Capo Spulico Rose Garden. The location takes its name from the flourishing production of roseswhose petals filled the pillows of the Sybarite princesses.

The country carries on eco-sustainability projects. He also won the “treble” of the Foundation for Environmental Education, i.e. the Blue Flagthe Green Ears Flag and the Eco-School flag. And it’s not the only record: the Calabrian town also boasts the record for the most beautiful cherry in Italy, recognized by the Municipal Designation of Origin (De.Co.). The juicy fruit is dedicated to the Feast of First Fruits that takes place from 15 to 16 June and provides a medieval historical procession, tastings and sales in the cherry square.

The particular microclimate allows the fruit to ripen earlier than the traditional flowering season: and here it appears in local restaurants paired with rice, seafood trofie and rabbit. Don’t leave without stocking up sausage, soppressata, fillet And pittaliscia, a donut-shaped bread.

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For the camper parking there’s a rest point without services in Viale Olimpia, on the seafront. For all information you can contact Common (tel. 0981 913341, [email protected]).

Calabria-Roseto Capo Spulico-Castrum Petrae seen from the sea-credit Municipality of Roseto

The Authentic Villages network

The network Authentic Villages of Italy represents 270 Municipalities of our country that hidden Italy that wants to make it. A network between territories where people and communities are the protagonists. Realities that decide not to give up in the face of depopulation but that choose to put their resources and assets into play to improve the living conditions of residents. The objective: to rediscover Italian villages as places to live, support and preserve.

«The villages must not be seen as tourist destinations» states the president Rosanna Mazzia, mayor of Roseto Capo Spulico «But rather as a “context of being and living” for both residents and tourists, considered “temporary citizens”».

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