Perillo: “No one was saved at Napoli, disappointing season”

The RAi journalist’s analysis of Napoli’s goalless draw with Lecce after the Maradona match

At the end of yet another disappointing match, the Naples fails to overcome Lecce and takes only one point from Lecce. The Italian team will not play any European competition next season after 14 consecutive years. Antonello PerilloRai journalist, analyzed Maradona’s result on social media.

Perillo: “No one was saved at Napoli, disappointing season”

Below are the words spread about Twitter: “A terrible season in every respect ended under a deluge of boos. No one was saved in the Naples household. From the management, to the technical staff and to a team that managed to fail even the possible connection to the Conference, playing games against Lecce as one does in a match between bachelors and married men. The strong hope is that now President De Laurentiis points on an important project which revolves around a great coach and which is achieved on the market with truly important purchases and no longer with the continuous search for bets. We need the Contes and not the Garcias, the Buongiornos and the Koppmeinerswith all due respect to the immature Natan and Cajuste“.


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