D’Amico sides with D’Addazio: «It’s an opportunity» – Pescara

MONTESILVANO. The path to be taken towards New Pescara, the reclamation of the Saline river, the greater involvement of citizens in the public life of the city. These were just some of the issues addressed yesterday morning in via d’Annunzio by the mayoral candidate Fabrizio D’Addazio who participated in the presentation of the 5 Star Movement list, one of the four that are part of the center-left coalition in the next municipal elections. Supported by the regional councilor Luciano D’Amicoby the outgoing five-star councilors Giovanni Bucci And Gabriele Stracciniand from the aspiring councilors who make up the list, the Montesilvanese entrepreneur and his supporters took the opportunity to reiterate what has not worked in the city in the last five years and to dictate solutions for the period that will serve to ferry Montesilvano to New Pescara .
«These days I’m going around the neighborhoods and I’m meeting many residents», highlighted D’Addazio, «and they tell me that they feel little represented, that Montesilvano has many problems and that they hope that the situation can change. We are ready to give new life to the city from all points of view, especially in view of the birth of the new city.” A thought also shared by D’Amico who highlighted «the great opportunity that Montesilvano has, in this historical moment, to be the nerve center, together with Pescara and Spoltore, of the birth of a new city that will be strategic for the whole of Abruzzo. There is a need to think from a complementarity perspective, to ensure that each area of ​​Abruzzo is characterized by its strengths, for the good of the entire region.”
Then there is space for the candidates from the M5S list composed of: the outgoing councilors Giovanni Bucci and Gabriele Straccini; Luca Verrocchioentrepreneur; Gianluca VannozziIT customs officer; Alberto D’Ilario And Adria Gloriana Scarcellateachers; Antonella Acetoengaged; Giorgio De Ritiscommercial agent; Patrizia Calviclerk; Paride D’Alòtelecommunications technician; Olimpia Di Filippohousewife; Pierluigi D’Angeloretired and former oil rig engineer; Antonio D’Agostinocook; Anna Colaciretired school administrative manager; Enzo Melattiretired Army employee; Federica De Bernardinisuniversity. (to the)

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