Rare Nantes Salerno, the profound bitterness of Christian Presciutti

Rare Nantes Salerno, the profound bitterness of Christian Presciutti
Rare Nantes Salerno, the profound bitterness of Christian Presciutti

Considerable disappointment and deep bitterness. Check up Rari Nantes Salerno was defeated in the double match against Alessandro Calcaterra’s Roma Vis Nova (6-5 in Monterotondo, 8-10…

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Considerable disappointment and deep bitterness. There Rare check up Nantes Salerno comes out defeated from the double confrontation with the Rome Vis Nova Of Alessandro Calcaterra (6-5 yrs Monterotondo8-10 am Simone Vitale) and slides in Series A2 after five years in A1. This is the verdict of the playout final, which saw i prevail capitols to the detriment of Campania.

Considerations. “I’m so sorry, I’m devastated,” he admits Christian Presciutti. “Being the coach, I take on all the responsibility for this relegation,” declares the 1982-born player, in his first experience on the bench. «I have lost many times in my life, but it is precisely from defeats, from the ashes, that we get up and build future victories: the most beautiful ones», declares the multi-title champion, silver in the London 2012 Olympics, bronze a Rio 2016 and world gold a Shanghai 2011.

And the thought inevitably turns to captain Michele Luongo and companions. “I’m sorry for the boys who have given everything and are suffering, but I want to thank them for the dedication and commitment they have put into their daily lives throughout the season,” the coach points out. Golden collar for sporting merit. «I feel sorry for the club, the fans and for our president Enrico Gallozzi“, he claims Hams.

Analyses. «For game 2, the absence of has certainly had an impact Zeno Bertoli, the team also fought for him but it wasn’t enough”, admits the coach from Rarino. «We conceded easy goals and we wasted too many opportunities going forward due to the amount of play we created», observes the Giallorossi coach. «It’s not my habit to talk about refereeing, but certain situations should be clarified once and for all: I know water polo quite well, yet certain choices made leave me perplexed», he states, annoyed. «Finally, I thank all our fans for the support given throughout the season», he concludes Hams.


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