Inter champion of Italy U14! 4-0 against Verona, second category championship

Inter champion of Italy U14! 4-0 against Verona, second category championship
Inter champion of Italy U14! 4-0 against Verona, second category championship

Marco Sala’s Nerazzurri triumph by sweeping away the same age Scala players: repeat the success achieved in 2022

Inter won the third edition of the Under 14 Pro tournament: they did so by beating Hellas Verona 4-0 in the final at the end of an exciting final, under the eyes of SGS president Vito Tisci and Fabio Papa, councilor for culture, public education, management and tenders for sports facilities, and for the awarding of extra-school gyms of the Municipality of Formia. […] This is the second success in the category for Inter: after the triumph in 2022, the Nerazzurri thus won their second title, which Hellas Verona eluded; the Venetians can however be proud of a path that has led them over the last two seasons to participate, with the same group, in the Under 13 Pro finals a year ago and this year in the final edition of the superior category.

Inter immediately started strong and immediately collected opportunities and corner kicks. Following the development of one of these, Filippo Serantoni scored the lead after just 5 minutes of the match. The Nerazzurri continue to push and in the 12th minute they find the second goal: Daniel Ferri passes from 20 meters and ends his run into the top corner. Up 2-0, Marco Sala’s team doesn’t stop and two turns of the clock later they find the 3-0 with a tap-in from Serantoni, the quickest in arriving at Pandian’s (miraculous) rebound from Ariu’s close-range shot . Despite the rather heavy partial deficit, Verona did not stop playing and indeed, as if freed of a burden, pushed hard, raising the pace of the contest: in the 20th minute a header from Fortune Egharevba ended just wide, and in the 25th ‘ Nicola Cappellato’s right-foot shot from distance hits the post. The push of the yellow-blues was such that in the final minutes of the first half it was Umberto Costante, the Inter goalkeeper, who emerged as the protagonist.

After the first half ended 3-0, in the second half Hellas started again where they had finished, that is, on the attack, trying to give themselves a hope of reopening the match. Inter, however, are perfect in front of goal and in the 15th minute they score the fourth with their number 10 Pietro Omini. The goal, physiologically, weakens the offensive emphasis of the Veronese who come close to scoring the flag with Greco, but on the close-range right-footed shot from number 14 Costante is still perfect and, with pure positioning, manages to smash it over the crossbar. Not to be outdone by his colleague, right at the end Tommaso Locatelli – Inter’s second goalkeeper – blocks Egharevba’s right-footed shot, closing the shutter and the result. The Nerazzurri win 4-0 and win the tournament.


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