Pallacanestro Trieste makes over 5700 fans dream: without Reyes they beat Forlì and reach the final

Pallacanestro Trieste makes over 5700 fans dream: without Reyes they beat Forlì and reach the final
Pallacanestro Trieste makes over 5700 fans dream: without Reyes they beat Forlì and reach the final

TRIESTE Fantastic, crazy, surprising Pallacnestro Trieste. Without Reyes, dragged by the PalaTrieste fans with over 5,700 spectators, Forlì, the best team in the red group, crashes for the third match in a row and flies to the final. Dreaming at this point becomes a right. Two series faced starting in a disadvantaged position and ending with as many coats to the opponents. A team experiencing an excellent moment of form and confidence, with the best Ruzzier of the season, the enthusiasm of Brooks, the experience and coldness of Filloy, the concreteness of the pair of big men. Also the pleasant discovery of Menalo, who exploded in the second half.

Reyes does not play, being kept rested as a precaution due to knee problems which however should not jeopardize his use in the final. He was a surprise in the starting lineup, with Menalo (signed as “4”) starting at small forward despite the return of Campogrande and Deangeli to the rotations. Trieste starts decisively with Brooks, in the 4th minute at 8-4 first substitution with Filloy for Menalo. Deangeli for Candussi while boos rain down for Cinciarini’s entry onto the parquet, a negative protagonist in game 1. Dirty, nervous game, with defenses at the limit and a load of turnovers. 10-8 after eight minutes. Precisely with a triple from Cinciarini Forlì overtakes but it is Brooks, after Christian recalls Ruzzier to the bench, who takes the team on his shoulders and pushes them with eight points to 19-11 which closes the first quarter.

Intense match, the kind where you have to spend and give while you have it. The kind of comparisons that exalt Stefano Bossi who writes the first double-digit lead (21-11). We see Campogrande again. Two naive fouls by Deangeli on the opposing wingers on three-point shots are what is not needed if they want to take off. In fact, Unieuro uses the gifts to stay in the match (24-18 13′). Zampini as in game 1 is uncomfortable, Cinciatini even more so, Trieste to keep the opponents at a distance with Ruzzier triggers Candussi (33-26 16′, removed after the second foul) below given that for the moment it’s not an evening for three. Eli Brooks is again tarantulato (16 points already in the 18th minute) but there are also already 7 assists from the usually sumptuous Ruzzier and 10 caroms snatched by Vildera. At the break we go with Trieste ahead by eight points (42-34) without reaching 30% in triples and with Reyes’ presumed replacements, the Menalo-Campogrande pairing, who in 12 minutes overall did not even attempt a shot from the field .

Trieste is fighting, indeed. Candussi delights (bomb from the corner after a vigorous defense of the ball by Vildera) and crosses (third foul). The difference compared to the first 20 minutes? It comes from 6.75. Giancarlo Ferrero first and Michi Ruzzier after. Two lashes. And Forlì is pushed back 14 points away (53-39) in the 23rd minute. If Leo Menalo also signs up for the festival… Plus 17. Romagnoli now evidently on the ropes and the red and whites playing on the wings of enthusiasm, dragged along by their own people. Menalo never stops, he becomes familiar with the match and places the +18 bomb (61-43). Pride and the strength of desperation inspire Forlì who let it be known that they still don’t feel out of the series and reduce the gap a little to eleven points with which Trieste goes into the last quarter (64-53).

That devil Cinciarini at 41 continues to pot it, with Zampini Forlì at minus 10 but Menalo again slows it down from three. Five minutes from the siren 74-66. Game still open. What is a champion? Someone who practically never scores from 6.75 in a semi-final series but who then, when it comes to closing the game and dragging Trieste to the promotion final, invents two fairytale triples. Ladies and gentlemen, Ariel Filloy. 80-66, 14 points to manage with four minutes and change to play. The match is now safe. Trieste is ready to go and compete for promotion to Serie A. —

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