Tram in via Riva Reno in Bologna: work begins. Road permanently closed since Wednesday

Tram in via Riva Reno in Bologna: work begins. Road permanently closed since Wednesday
Tram in via Riva Reno in Bologna: work begins. Road permanently closed since Wednesday

Bologna, 15 April 2024 – The tram construction site is becoming increasingly serious and definitively lands in via Riva Reno. But, to see the stretch between closed (at least until October 31st). via Ugo Lenzi and the Piazza Azzarita roundabout up to via Lamewe will have to wait until Wednesday morning.

In fact, it will take at least 48 for everyone to get used to it workplace revolution for the Red line and see all the things disappear cars still parked in the section of road concerned, as well as for other operations. I am 145 parking spaces removed following Phase A of the Red Line construction sites. Access will only be allowed to residents.

How traffic changes

After the preliminary works for the removal of the trolleybus lines, the works get underway uncover the Reno canal which, according to the administration, will be “a new Naviglio for Bologna”. The construction site started today will continue until autumn (the signs present since this morning indicate the deadline is October 31st), to then make room for the other stretch, the one from the roundabout to via San Felice. Stay anyway guaranteed access for residents.

Also closed for “at least three months” according to the tram website the intersection between via Riva Reno and via Lame. Here, coming from the center on via Lame, it will be possible to turn either right onto via Riva di Reno towards via Marconi or left towards via Brugnoli. The stretch of via Riva di Reno parallel to the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione will be one-way towards the suburbs, while via Brugnoli will remain two-way. Cycle-pedestrian traffic remains permitted, with the obligation of hand-cycling to pass the Lame-Riva di Reno intersection.

The closed roads and parking for residents: here is the map

Cameras: Rita di via Marconi off, ZTL active

During this phase of the construction site, in the stretch of via Riva di Reno between via delle Lame and via Marconi, to guarantee entry also to those not authorized to the ZTL, it will be the camera temporarily turned off pointing to the lane preferential route on via Marconi, near via del Porto, while the ZTL gates will remain active. In addition to bringing the canal back to light, the intervention will first and foremost serve to set up the new tram structure and the more substantial works.

The parking lots

In this first phase of the tram works are 145 parking spaces removed in the stretch between via Ugo Lenzi/Rotonda Azzarita and via Lame. Once the work is completed, 31 of these will be recovered. From Palazzo d’Accursio they report that 70 white lines have already been drawn in recent weeks, while another 30/40 spaces, again for residents, will be created in the preferential one in Via Lame once the school has closed. intersection with via Riva Reno. The addition of new stalls is divided between Porta San Felice, via Lenzi, via Graziano and via dell’Abbadiawhile in via della Grada the stalls in the central part are transformed into ‘rapidly rotating blue stripes’.

The second phase of the construction site which will start in autumn will lead to the removal of 67 parking spaces, but of which 55 will be restored. According to what is stated on the tram website, at the end of the construction site “the offer of parking spaces in the affected sections of via Riva di Reno from the works will be of 86 parking spaces with a balance of -126 spaces. As regards motorbikes, however, the stalls currently present (120) will be fully recovered”.

The disputed discount

It is remembered that the Municipality has put in place some concessions for the underground car park owned by the administration and managed by Apcoa in via del Rondone. A discount, however, of just 10 or 12 euros judged to be “too small” from traders and residents of the area (70 euros per month against 82, with the possibility of parking 7 days a week from 6pm to 9am, including entire Sundays).

Traders and residents

In fact, they are hard protests from those who live in the areastarting from committee of residents and workers worried about the possibility of leaving the car near home, in an area that is already difficult to park, or seeing their business collapse. The Municipality has put in place various concessions for traders, such as 50% discount on the TARI and 100% on the single property fee for the duration of the construction site, extraordinary concessions and alternative solutions for the terraces, non-repayable contributions and the establishment of a table with the operators and category councillors.


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