who is the martial arts champion who fell from a low wall into Lake Como. Open investigation

He had arrived in Italy to attend the wedding of a friend celebrated at Villa del Balbianello, in Tremezzina. But just after the wedding party, at dawn on Saturday, he lost his life, falling into the lake from the low wall on which he had sat. Octavio Couto Da Silva, 52 years olddual American and Brazilian citizen, known as «Ratinh», was a jiu-jitsu championa combat sport of which he was also a teacher (many encounters with his presence advertised on the web and social networks throughout Italy).

Sportsman, champion of the martial arts specialty of which he was a prominent figure. Octavio Couto is died after falling into the lake from a height of five meters. In the next few hours, the magistrate who coordinates the investigation, Antonia Pavan, will give the assignment to carry out the autopsy. Only the examination will be able to clarify whether the 52-year-old lost his life due to trauma caused by the flight from the wall onto the quay below or whether he drowned once he ended up in the water.
The tourist was alone when he fell. After the wedding at Villa del Balbianello, in the night between Friday and Saturday he had returned to Lenno by taxi boat and had then separated from the spouses and other friends, perhaps to take another walk before returning to the hotel. He would then sit on the low wall and lose his balance, falling for a few metres.
An employee of the Navigation noticed what happened and raised the alarm. The firefighters, the 118 self-medication and the ambulance intervened. The 52-year-old was recovered quickly, but he was sadly already dead.

The Como prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation and an autopsy will be ordered. The carabinieri of the Menaggio company heard from the friends who were with him and the newlyweds, as well as the taxi driver who brought Octavio Couto back from Villa del Balbianello to Lenno. At the party, theThe man had probably been drinking, but he appears to be fine however when he was left alone while the party returned to the hotel. The autopsy and further investigations will shed full light on the dynamics of the tragic accident.

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