Here’s who Bastian Muller really is, Ilary Blasi’s new boyfriend is very rich

Ilary Blasi has a new boyfriend, he is Bastian Muller and the two seem to be already very much in love. Apparently he is very rich, but what is his job? Here is the story of him.

We recently told you about Ilary Blasi’s last holidays and the presence of a new love in her life that would make her forget the difficult months spent between legal, gossip and family matters related to the divorce from Francesco Totti.

As we all know very well in recent months, the Totti – Blasi affair has held sway and there has been a lot of news that has circulated about the ex-couple starting from the press release announcing their official separation last July 11th.

The torrid summer of 2022 saw them spend time separately, also dividing it with their children and while she between Sabaudia and Tanzania he seemed to have no one next to him, he came out little by little with his new girlfriend, Naomi Bocchi that the malicious said to look like Ilary Blasi. Instead, Ilary Blasi’s new love has emerged in the last few weeks, his name is Bastian Muller and he has brought her smile back. But what does he do?

Who is Bastian Muller and what does he do

The first to publish the photos of the couple were those of the editorial staff of weekly Who and these were unpublished photos that no one had seen yet. These were shots that saw the new couple on vacation in Saint Moritz. Bastian Muller is German and they met Ilary thanks to Michelle Hunziker who, you think, would have acted as a cupid in this situation.

During this white week, Ilary’s third child, Isabel, was also with them. Bastian Muller He is the heir to a very well known German builder family and it seems that the man would have known Ilary Blasi a few months ago, but their relationship would only recently become major. In Who’s we see her leaning on his shoulder as she indulges in a tender moment.

Right on the weekly of Alfonso Signorini would have communicated that Ilary Blasi introduced her boyfriend Bastian to his friends and he would now be part of the group although Ilary has not yet confirmed it.

After the separation from Totti, some present and past flirtations have been attributed to Ilary, which have never actually been confirmed. The most sensational one, with the personal trainer Cristiano Iovino with whom it was suspected he had exchanged fiery messages even before the end of the marriage and also the “Corriere della Sera” confirmed.

Ilary therefore seems to have left behind the dark months linked to the history of stolen Rolexes even if a new hearing is scheduled for December 12 for the case on the missing Rolexes.

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